Andianto Grateful, Graduated from FK UNAIR International Class

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Andianto Hendrawan (holding the diploma) with his parents and brother. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Being graduated as the first batch of Faculty of Medicine (FK) International Class of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), Andianto Hendrawan T felt really proud and grateful as he could finish his study on time.

”Of course, it was all because of supports from friends, colleagues and lecturers who assisted us intensively,” said Andianto to UNAIR NEWS. From ten student of international class, only himself and Asma graduated from International class FK UNAIR.

Asked about his target for getting into the international class, the doctor known as Andi admitted that he did not have specific reason but to be a good doctor. Fortunately he had TOEFL Score 550, so it was enough for him to be in that class. He did not have any difficulties in learning in English.

“So for other students who want to get into FK UNAIR international class, if you have 550 TOEFL Score, don’t worry. But I believe our friends in regular class have 550 TOEFL Score, maybe even better,” Andi said.

After attending program in international class, also the elective program, Andi can see how far the difference between our medical field with other countries. So the difference can be used as reference to study better to follow the advanced countries medical standards.

Andianto also admitted that the advantages of this international class were first, better intensity between student and lecturer. It was normal as there were only ten students in class, tw of them were Malaysians so academically the students were also close with the lecturers.

There was also elective program where the students got opportunities to develop their skill and career. The program was compulsory for international class students as they could study abroad for a month. The first batch went to Japan.

Being asked for tips for his juniors, Andi encouraged them to study as best as they can during pre-clinical studies. “ Why? So that they can observe things done by seniors, medics and management as much as they can during the clinical period,” said Andianto. (*)

Author : Bambang Bes

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