Vocations Graduates Expected in Professional World

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Assistant IV Sekkota for Public Prosperity of City Administrations Eko Hariyanto, MM,. in a public lecture in ACC.

UNAIR NEWS – The closing ceremony of Freshmen Togetherness Development Program (PPKMB) Faculty of Vocations (FV) was held in Airlangga Convention Center on Friday morning August 26. The program titled  Closing Laskar 2016 Pengenalan Mahasiswa Vokasi UNAIR was attended by 1,146 freshmen. There were also Dean of FV Dr H. Widi Hidayat, se,. MDi., Ak., Vice Dean I Prof Dr. Retna Apsari MSi., and officials of faculty and lecturers.

Interestingly, Assistant IV Sekkota for Public Prosperity of City Administrations Eko Hariyanto, MM,. was asked to give a public lecture on the prospect of vocations graduates in the professional world.

The former Head of Social Agency Surabaya said that vocations graduates always expected in the professional world. Recently, some companies discussed with the city administrations on how to find human resources in some fields. After being studied, the competence needed by the companies are linear with some of the vocation programs in UNAIR.

“We directed them to this university. In conclusion, your skills are expected by many companies,” he said.

He said that at the moment, all university graduates have similar opportunity without looking at the bachelor or diploma program. The competition is fair. Therefore, students have to focus and show their best performance during studies.

Sebanyak 1.146 mahasiswa baru memadati hall ACC dalam Penutupan PPKMB (Program Pembinaan Kebersamaan Mahasiswa Baru) bertajuk Closing Laskar 2016 Pengenalan Mahasiswa Vokasi UNAIR. 
1,146 freshmen crowded ACC in the PPKMB closing of Faculty of Vocations (FV) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR)

He added that students can choose either to work as professionals or start their own business. The point is, the graduates can perform anywhere. “As long as you work hard, nothing is impossible. Your knowledge can be applied in reality,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Retna said that knowledge acquired from FV is with specificity. The students are trained to be skillful and perform in their special field of work. “Skillful and professional human resources are always sought as their skills are special and thorough,” she said.

FV UNAIR has 20 programs, there are 17 programs of D3, Medical Analyst, Physiotherapy, Traditional Healer, Dental Health Engineering, Instrumentation System Automation, Information System, Occupational Hygiene and Safety, Animal Health, Library Technician, Tourism, English, Accounting, Taxation, Secretariat and Office Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing and Banking Management. They also have D4 programs on Radiology, Traditional Healer and Physiotherapy. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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