Molecular Research, Popular in FKH

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UNAIR NEWS  – Molecular research is getting more popular in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). Students from many departments or degrees are interested to conduct research on that field either for final assignment or even papers for seminars or journals.

Professor of FKH, Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’ruf, drh., M.Kes explained that this field has a close connection with the society as it has clear application. The topics of the study are animals diseases with potential to human transmission.

He presented an example of rabies which is possible attack human through a bite of the animals. But still, rabies prevention or therapy to human is interesting to learn.

Virus or germs of animals whatever the form can be studied to find the vaccine or treatment for the infected human, Prof. Anwar explained some other topics such as Avian Flu, Toxoplasma, Brucellosis and many more.

“Studies on stem cells are also popular among FKH students,” said the man from Bojonegoro who is also Vice Director I of Postgraduate School.

The result of the FKH research can be developed even further or coordinated with other faculties’ researchers. The objective is to get more comprehensive formula on the vital problems in medical field so the impacts and benefits can be greater for the society.

Meanwhile, FKH graduates are the most sought in the professional world especially UNAIR alumni. The longest time for FKH graduates to look for jobs is only a month.

There are many sectors in which the graduates can work. They can open their own practice for cattles such as cows, goats, horses and many more. They can also run a practice for poultry farm such as found in villages or they can open a grooming service for pets like cats, dogs, reptiles and many more. This service usually found in cities.

Furthermore, their expertise is also needed in providing artificial insemination service for the public farms. The government needs their expertise in order to improve quality and quantity of meat in Inodnesia. So the decision to choose this faculty is reasonable. Their objectives studying here are measured and reasonable. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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