FKG Holds Dental Teleconference in APAN 42-Hong Kong

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Teleconference FKG UNAIR. (Photo: FKG Public Relation)

UNAIR NEWS – Asia-Pacific Advanced Networks (APAN) is an internet provider organization through Research and Education Network (REN) in Asia Pacific. REN connected schools, universities, research centers, and hospitals around the world through high speed internet. Twice a year, APAN hold a conference in which Medical Working Group was in. In the beginning of Agust 2016, APAN conference was held in Hongkong and one of the activities was Asia Pacific Dental conference.

Aqsa Sjuhada, drg, MKes of FKG UNAIR was the Chief Engineer and Program Organizer of the Asia Pacific Dental Teleconference. The theme was “Bidirectional relationship between periodontal disease and endocrine disturbance” and it connected 10 institutions from Indonesia, Japan, Malysia, Taiwan and Hongkong in the cyber space.

Aqsa explained that the theme was chose as the global research trend shows that there is a strong causal relation between periodontal diseases with endocrine illness such as diabetes mellitus. Diabetes melliteus was elaborated in the teleconference that it can cause periodontal disease and complete dental and gum treatment can control the severity of diabetes mellitus.

In the future, transfer of knowledge through teleconference will be even more useful along with the technological advancement, better quality video and audio connection, power point presentation and video footage which can be viewed better by all connected institutions.

Agsa added that challenge in the future is to improve the teleconference for long distance education and participate actively in the other international teleconferences. FKG UNAIR has contributed as Program Organizer and this role will be improved so UNAIR can be the leader of international level teleconferences. (*)

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