UNAIR Alumni Choir Performes in Indonesia Persada Concert

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Indonesia Persada Concert.

UNAIR NEWS – Despite being alumni of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) for decades, alumni choir still presented a solid performance. Suluh Budiarto rahardjo, an alumnus of Accounting UNAIR with his 28 colleagues in alumni choir Swarna Svarna Indonesia (SSI), became a guest performance in the concert of Indonesia Persada on Saturday, August 20.

In 2013, Budi with the other 28 alumni, as former members of UNAIR Choir UKM, established a choir group named Swarna Svarna Indonesia.

“Swara Svarna Indonesia was just only established, but they have performed in and out of the country,” said Budi, the member and initiator of SSI.

Jani Purnawanty, S.H., S.S., LL.M, another member said that SSI was build to preserve Indonesian cultural work. “Swara Svarna Indonesia is from Sanskrit which means golden voice of Indonesia,” Jani said.

Indonesia Persada Concert was held by Coro Semplice Indonesia, in collaboration with Indonesian Cancer Foundation of East Java. It was held in Balai Pemuda, Surabaya, and attended by Governor and Vice Governor and their spouses.

Nina Kirana Soekarwo, Governor Soekarwo’s wife, who was the head of Indonesian Cancer Foundation Surabaya branch, expressed her gratitude to the participants in Indonesia Persada concert.

“Thank you very much for the participation as this charity concert result will be donated to YKI of East java,” said Nina.

In his speech, Nina also explained cancer situation in East java. “Cancer is our problem. Therefore, we have to get through it together,” she said.

After the speech by Nina Kirana Soekarwo, there was a performance of Coro Semplice Indonesia with songs of independence day theme. After that, Swara Svarna Indonesia performed three songs, Dia Sudah Kembali, Kupinta Lagi, and Manuk Dadali. (*)

Author: Akhmad Janni
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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