AUN-QA Ahead, FKM Maximizes Airlangga University e-Learning Application

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UNAIR NEWS – In order to improve quality of learning process as well as to prepare for ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) international certification, Faculty of Public Health (FKM) held a workshop for FKM UNAIR lecturers.

The workshop was held in two places, in Hotel Swiss Bellin Tunjungan, Surabaya and Assembly room Public Health Doctoral Program. It was titled Rubric Assessment and E-Learning to FKM UNAIR lecturers and held on August 18 and 19, 2016 ad attended by 18 lecturers from seven departments in FKM UNAIR.

The speakers were M. Farid Dimyati Lusno, dr., M.KL from E-learning team of Institute of Community Service, Education, Training and Development (LP4M) and Dr. Djazuly Chalidyanto, S.KM, MARS. Dr. Meryana Adriani, S.KM, M.Kes and Dr. Diah Indriani, S.Si, M.Si also attended as the facilitator for rubric assessment topic.

Rubric assessment is an assessment guideline during learning process. This kind of activity was important to hold especially before the learning process started. Rubric assessment can also considered as learning contracts with students before the learning process commenced. Through this activity, evaluation system can bring valid, reliable, flexible and fair results.

“All this time there are students which filed complaints on the evaluation results. There were some reasons, such as ineffective lecturers and students agreement (less fairness), or unreliable assessment method,” said Diah, one of the members of Quality Assurance Unit and coordinator of AUN-QA FKM UNAIR preparation.

For improvement, the first day of the workshop presented e-Learning formulation in support of Airlangga University e-Learning Application (AULA) by Farid. Because of less optimal AULA implementation in FKM, the workshop participants were obliged to use AULA e-Learning and make a rubric practically. On the second day there were rubric presentations.

“The event was held not only to prepare for the upcoming AUN-QA. But also to improve the quality of learning process so in this odd semester, all rubric designed can be implemented as well as the e-Learning,” Diah added. (*)

Author: Disih Sugianti
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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