FKM UNAIR PKL Team Initiates Free Smoke Area Program

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Tanggungan village community enthusiastically supports GEBRAK program.

UNAIR NEWS – Field work practice (PKL) is a compulsory activity for some programs in UNAIR, including Faculty of Public Health (FKM). For this year, FKM UNAIR PKL was held in Kecamatan (subdistrict) Ngraho and Tambakrejo in Kabupaten (regency) Bojonegoro.

PKL activity with “Healthy Family” as a theme consisted of 15 groups for different sites. One of the FKM PKL groups, Group 14 was placed in Kecamatan Ngraho, Desa (village) Tanggungan, Dusun (hamlet) Ngori RT 16 and 18, Dusun Sekaran RT 10 and 11. This time, PKL Group 14 had GEBRAK program, it is a program of free smoke area in houses as an intervention program. Before GEBRAK program was held, FKM UNAIR PKL Group 14 had conducted consolidation with the community figures, cadres, youth organization and medical practitioners to get inputs and supports for the program. Furthermore, the program invitations were distributed door to door by Group 14 for its publicization.

“GEBRAK program actually consists of two series of events, counseling and declaration of free smoke area in houses,” said Bery Romadhon as the head of PKL.

Penandatangan Petisi GEBRAK oleh Masyarakat Sasaran.
GEBRAK Petition signings by the locals.

After the declaration text reading by the head of the village , followed with the community in RT 10, 11, 16 and 18, GEBRAK program was held in the yard of SDN Tanggungan 2 and closed with petition signings by the target community. Beside this main event, there were art performances from the students of SDN Tanggungan 2 and the member of Group 14, also a prize awarding session on Sunday, August 14.

“Actually, it is a sensitive topic for the majority of the locals in RT 10, 11, 16 and 18 as most of them are active smokers, about 98% of them. So through GEBRAK, we emphasized that we did not try to ban them to smoke as to change a habit depends on the individuals themselves. But do not smoke in the house as the impact is severe for the other family members as passive smokers,” he added.

Similar to Bery, Rizki Prasetya as his deputy also said that their team has symbolically presented the program to the head of the village. Hopefully after going back to Surabaya, GEBRAK program can be maintained by the villagers.

“GEBRAK has been trusted to the cadres or youth organization. We have also placed some banners which say ‘SELAMAT DATANG DI KAWASAN BEBAS ASAP ROKOK DI DALAM RUMAH’ in some strategic spots in Desa Tanggungan. We hope that they would serve as reminders for the community in RT 10, 11, 16, and 18, it can be a pilot project for free smoke area in houses of Bojonegoro,” added Rizki.

Author : Ayunda Zilul G., Mahasiswa FKM UNAIR
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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