Faculty of Vocations Holds Community Service in Tuban to Provide Education

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Community service performed by Faculty of Vocations (FV) academician in Kumpulrejo village, Parengan, Tuban, on Sunday August 14. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – The imbalance of cattle and its food source during drought season makes the villagers in Parengan, Tuban to seek food source out of town.  It was one of the reasons of Faculty of Vocations (FV) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) academicians held a community service themed “Beef Cattle Farm Food Production and Early Health Problems Detection in Community” in Kumpulrejo village, Parengan subdistrict, Tuban on Sunday, August 14. There were eleven lecturers and two students from D3 of Animal Health and Medical Analyst.

Kumpulrejo village where the community service was held is one of thousand villages in Indonesia as most of its inhabitants are agricultural or animal farmers. There were a lot of beef cattle in the village, about 5,000 cows. The imbalance of the cattle and food source is the main problem. To meet their need the villagers look for food source until the neighboring regency, such as Bojonegoro.

“Looking for food in this village is difficult, we usually look for it until Bojonegoro, by bike, on foot but if there’s motorbike, we go by motorbike,” said Supat, Kumpulrejo inhabitant to UNAIR NEWS.

In response to the condition, Siti Eliana Rochmi, a lecturer of D-3 Animal Health, Faculty of Vocations (FV) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) invited other lecturers to train villagers in making easy, cheap and optimal cattle food. Furthermore there was also counseling on the danger and risk of diabetes mellitus to hypertension.

“The community service this time functions as the pilot project for Kumpulrejo people. We educate them on how to make complete feed so they have optimal cattle production, also publicization of the danger and risk of diabetes mellitus to hypertension. For the action, we performed early diabetes mellitus detection to the farmers,” said Siti Eliana Rochmi.

For this community service, Retno Sri Wahyuni, drh., MS explained how to complete feed, while Rana Pradata, dr., MS presented the danger and risk of diabetes mellitus.

After the presentation, there was a discussion between the locals and the speakers. Their problems were informed by the villagers such as the problems on cattle reproduction, diseases and illness from the cattle motoric system also on the feed production.

After the community service came to an end, Kunarsono as the Head of the village expected some follow up from the activity. In his opinion, the activity was very helpful as they got information straight from the experts.

“Actually, there are many Kumpulrejo inhabitants who have education but mostly finished only at senior high school. The people who went to college maybe only 10 people iin a year. With this activity, at least people will be motivated to learn again. We hope that there will be more follow up from this. So we will feel the difference after UNAIR academician came,” said Kunarsono.

Finally, the community service in Kumpulrejo village was closed with a photo session and vitamin distribution for the cattle to the farmers and villagers of Kumpulrejo.(*)

Author : Disih Sugianti
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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