Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (12/8)

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Abundant Scholarships for Students

Studying at college is no longer a feat. All universities provide scholarships for students with financial problems. In UNAIR, the quota of scholarships every year reaches 5,790 students. It is acquired from collaboration UNAIR has with private parties or quotas from the central government. Director of Student Affairs UNAIR, Hadi Subhan said that the number fluctuates. The quota can cover 21.5 percent of total UNAIR students. It is a good allocation as every university gives scholarship to at least 20 percent of the total students.

Jawa Pos, August 12 2016 page 34

Time for Citizens to Challenge Loss

Corruption is identical with state financial loss. When the case is tried in court, it looks as if the state tried to collect its loss. The citizens should have rights to challenge the corruptors as the state loss is also the citizen’s loss. The corruption cases have inspired Faculty of Law  UNAIR to establish   Center of Anti Corruption and Criminal Policy (CACCP) presided by Prof. Dr. Didik Endro Purwoleksono, SH., MH, and Sectretary Iqbal Felisiano, SH., LLM. It was established to observe big corruption cases in East Java, such as Bank Jatim case, Fuad Amin Imron case, La Nyala Matalitti. Iqbal also built up East Java Anti-grafts also collaborated with KPK.

Jawa Pos, August 12 2016 page 2

Learn to be Independent through Pramuka

Being a scout sometimes considered complicated for some people but Niken Kusumawardani even enjoys doing scout activities since she was a teenager. For her, the activities are enjoyable and interesting. Pramuka (scouting movement) does not only give her great experience in understanding the nature but also gives her opportunity to know a lot of people. When she was in Management department UNAIR, Niken actually had a chance to participate in Jambore in Papua but at the time she was having her exams at college so she could not join the contingent. Because of Pramuka, she knows well Indonesian cultures, from Sabang to Merauke.

Sindo, August 12 2016 page 13 and 14

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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