Indonesian BEM Gathering during 29th PIMNAS

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BEM gathering in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science(FPK), IPB, Bogor, Tuesday-Wednesday, August 9-10. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Executive Board (BEM) as one of student organizations has important roles to determine campus dynamic life. This time, during 29th Student National Science Week (PIMNAS) in  Institut Pertanian Bogor, BEM representatives from all Indonesian universities held a gathering for two days. It was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 9-10 in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Hall  (FPK), IPB, Bogor.

There are many topics discussed in the gathering. Rizky Fadhilah as the Head of BEM UNAIR said that, the main topic of discussion was the meaning of achievements to students. The head of the highest student organization in UNAIR also emphasized that the gathering was a moment to unify ideas of all BEM in Indonesia.

“Because the gathering managed during PIMNAS, the topic of discussion was more to BEM roles to improve and support the students’ achievements. Furthermore, on how to synergize achievements among universities in Indonesia, so the achievements can improve,” said the student better known as Ace.

The student from History department said that with the gathering, views and perspectives of BEM in Indonesia on their students’ achievements can be determined. Ace hoped that through the gathering they can realize one perception among BEM which was representing the perspective of all students in all universities.

“There was a dispute in the discussion. One said that achievements are not to be viewed from the competition but from usefulness. But the other believed that achievements are from acknowledgements. We tried to find the solution on it,” he added.

The gathering this time was held in a form of a seminar and discussion forum. During the occasion, all BEM representatives from all universities in Indonesia formulated a draft on perspectives of policy on education in the future and present it to Menristek-Dikti.

“From the forum, we also formulate a draft which can be presented to Menristek-Dikti. The objective was to give inputs on better education policy,” she said. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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