21 PKM UNAIR Presented, Results Left to Fate

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Director of Student Affairs UNAIR Dr. Hadi Subhan briefed and evaluated presentation performances of PKM teams in 29th PIMNAS in IPB. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – There have been 21 papers of Students Creativity Program of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) students presented as of yesterday. The last presentation was from the only Technology category (PKM-T) titled  “Sistem Segmentasi Citra Sebagai Pengukuran Tendensi dan Stability Volume Busa pada Foaming Test Pelumas di Laboratorium PT Pertamina Lubricants Gresik Berbasis Borland Delphi 7”.

As published in UNAIR NEWS yesterday, nine PKM UNAIR teams have done their presentation on the second day, Tuesday, August 9. Some of them was the only one Written Idea category (PKM-GT) titled “Screen City Architecture Sistem Tata Ruang Kota Dua Alam Futuristik Melalui Desain Tirai Laut Solusi Kamuflase Bencana Banjir Rob” by M Dedy Bastomi and friends.

Alhamdulillah, it is a relief when we’re done with our presentation,” said Karina Dwi Saraswati, from PKM-PE (Exacta Research) UNAIR.

“Whatever the result, we left it to fate. We have made the best preparation, done our best so everything is left to fate now,” added M Yazid Abdul Jalal, of PKM “Boncabe” team.

With all teams finished their presentations, there was an evaluation for all performances. Agus Widiantoro, SH., M.Si., Head of the UNAIR Contingent, presided the meeting said that anything experienced, self-performance or other teams’, judges questions and all must be noted for references in next PIMNAS.

SALAH satu ketua Tim PKM ketika memberikan masukan dalam evaluasi penampilan Tim PKM UNAIR. (Foto: Bambang Bes)
One of the PKM teams giving some inputs in the evaluation of UNAIR team performances. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

Therefore, some PKM teams were asked to shared their presentation experience in turns such as on measuring other teams’ potential, their presentations, how to answer judges question, difficult questions and their performances, and so on.

“There are many kinds of judges. Some make lengthy illustration before making the questions, some request direct and brief answers. There are judges who like to confirm, and there are also judges who are okay being unanswered as the presentation is already excellent. Those will be lessons for us in the future,” said Agus Widiantoro, a lecturer of Faculty of Law  UNAIR.

The Director of Student Affairs UNAIR Dr. M. Hadi Subhan, said that whatever they experienced would be precious lessons for the future, especially students who are able to compete next year. Next year, two universities volunteered to be the host, Universitas Makassar and UII Jogyakarta.

“But with the tradition of taking turns, after Java then outside Java and goes back to Java again, then it may be held in Makassar,” said Hadi Subhan.

Definitely, these kind of scientific achievements are expected and important as one supporting factor of university ranking. If the students have many achievements, it will support the universities’ ranking. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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