Sent Off by Rector, UNAIR 21 Teams of PIMNAS Ready to Make Achievements

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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga Rector Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., MCA., on Friday, August 5, on the first floor Management Office Building Camus C UNAIR Mulyorejo Surabaya sent 21 Students Creativity Program (PKM) teams of UNAIR off to the Finak round of 29th National Science Week (PIMNAS) in IPB on August 8-12, 2016.

The Blue and Yellow PIMNAS contingent send off was marked with UNAIR’s flag given from UNAIR Rector to the Head of PIMNAS UNAIR Contingent, Agus Subiantoro, SH., M.Si. After the official send off, the team leaders of 21 PKM teams took turn to sign “Achievement Oath Board”.

On the board, an oath to “Dedicate the Best for Alma mater” was written. There were 21 team leaders signed the board. Beside writing their PKM, some of them also added their hopes, such as “Medali Emas”, “Gold Medals”, “Kumau Emas”, and so on.

Director of Student affairs UNAIR Dr. M. Hadi Subhan, SH., MH., CN., explained that the 21 teams were through from total 167 PKM titles funded by Dirjen DIKTI, from external monitoring and evaluation. While the 167 PKM titles were selected from 1500 proposals made by UNAIR students to Dikti.

Alhamdulillah with these 21 PKM teams, there is a significant improvement. We should be grateful for it as other universities mostly had worse performance than previous year,” said  Hadi Subhan.

He hoped that with this improvement compared to last year’s, UNAIR can make better achievements. Last year, from 14 teams in PIMNAS, Unair was fourth. In 2013, with 11 teams in PIMNAS, UNAIR was runner-up in 26th PIMNAS in Universitas Mataram (Unram).

In the briefing, UNAIR Rector Prof. M Nasih hoped that the competing students in 29th PIMNAS can show their identity as students from an excellent university, and so make their best effort for the alma mater.

”Show them that we are the best university, and them show your best effort and skills. Don’t forget to wish success to God to get the best. It means that if everything is well prepared, Insha Allah (God’s willing) you will get home with the best achievements,” said the professor of Accounting FEB UNAIR.

Rektor dan segenap pimpinan UNAIR menyaksikan diantara Ketua Tim PKM menandatangani “Papan Janji Berprestasi” di Pimnas Ke-29 di IPB. (Foto: Bambang Bes)
Rector and high officials of UNAIR witnessing some PKM team leaders signe the Achievement Oath Board in 29 PIMNAS in IPB.  (Photo: Bambang Bes)

Rector also said to them not to force being the winners through indecent manners. Therefore, he asked them to be confident and finish their problems, individual or team, such as exams, assignments and other problems here in Surabaya before leaving for Bogor. atau tim, hendaknya segera diselesaikan di Surabaya sebelum berangkat ke Bogor.

”To make achievements, are you all sure you are confident to make them? ”asked the Rector. Hundreds of students shouted chorally: “We are sure!”.

“Thank you, Insha Allah if preparations were done well and confidently, then we are ready to be the champion for this 29th PIMNAS,” said UNAIR Rector, giving them spirits.

The Head of the contingent Agus Subiyantoro said that the PIMNAS UNAIR contingent will fly to Bogor and made a stop in Jakarta on Sunday afternoon while the students and team supervisors will head to Bogor through the same route. From Jakarta, UNAIR team will leave for Bogor by bus.

As tradition, during PIMNAS, there will also be ‘Alumni gathering’ for UNAIR alumni who work and serve around the city where PIMNAS is being held. For this year’s, the alumni gathering will be held in Bogor on Tuesday, August 9, in Hotel pajajaran, Bogor. (*)

Author: Bambang Edy Santoso

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