Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (4/8)

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Universitas Airlangga Rector M. Nasih delivering his speech in the opening of Gala Dinner on Wednesday, August 3. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

Rp 1.8 Trillion to Accelerate University Infrastructure

Kemenristekdikti is ready to allocate Rp 1.8 Trillion for 25 universities in Indonesia. The objective is to accelerate infrastructure development in universities. In Surabaya, UNAIR is one of the universities which gets the fund. General Director of Science and Technology Resources and Higher Education, Ali Ghufron Mukti said that the Symposium I: Innovation to Accelerate Infrastructure Development in Indonesia managed by University Network for Indonesian Infrastructure Development (UNIID) in ITS on Wednesday, August 3. State universities in Indonesia are projected to be in 500 World Class University. Therefore, schemes improvement on fund disbursement of development is needed, such as financial reports are to be used if the infrastructure development is complete.

Jawa Pos, August 4 2016 page 28

Sindo, August 4 2016 page 20

229 Kids Return to School

The number of universities which joined campus social responsibility (CSR) program of Social Service Agency Surabaya is increasing. There are 28 universities participating for the CSR program. Some of them are UNAIR, ITS, STIE Perbanas, and UINSA. The increase of university participation of course increased the number of CSR volunteers. Pin 2014, CSR volunteers were 215 students. In 2015, there were 265 students and this year reached 628 students. CSR of Social Service Agency is aimed to provide guidance to kids with social problems. The program targets kids aged 7-18, who stopped going to school or had a tendency to stop going to school.

Jawa Pos, August 4 2016 page 28

Clean, Comfortable and Accessible

The awareness on the importance of Breastfeeding is needed. There should be room in public space for mothers to breastfeed their babies or only to change the diapers. ASI counselor, dr. Risa Etika, SpA(K), said that the comfort of the nursery room must be maintained. The Head of Neonatology Division of Pediatrics FK UNAIR suggested that the room has facility which gives the mother comfort. In her opinion, the most important thing of breastfeeding is cleanliness to keep the ASI pure. The place to wash must be paid attention. Risa suggested to use flowing water. For drying, use disposable tissue paper. Do not use a bowl of water but then dried with towel.

Jawa Pos, August 4 2016 page 36

Olive Leaves Extract Cures Hospital Infection

Hospital acquired infection is an infection developed when people in hospital. For the first time, Postgraduate team of Immunology UNAIR proved dalethyne effective to cure nosocomial infection. Medical field has already been trying to overcome this issue, but it can only be dealt with antibiotics. Therefore, there is antibiotics resistance and the bacteria protect themselves from them. Immunology team of Postgraduate UNAIR, Agung Dwi Wahyu Widodo said that the germs in nosocomial infection has enzyme called betalacmase and some others, while for  pseudomonas aeroginosa produces biofilm which is able to protect from antibiotics. Nevertheless, infection can be avoided with healing physical condition.

Radar, August 4 2016 page 1-2

Losepocket for Eye Bags

Eye bag is a physiological symptom in form of light swollen, droopy skin and black eye bags under the eyes. It is called Panda Eye bags. There are many causes of this eye bags, such as stress which affects to lack of sleep, facing computer for long period, also little consumption of water. It inspired a team of PKM UNAIR to create Losepocket eyepatch. The idea of Ulima Hapsari, Dhiah Ayu, Husniatul Fitriah, Hogi Ruthfeda, and Afifatun Nisawas from personal experience. Losepocket is equipped with a holder of eye comforting material such as cucumbers, potatoes, or tea so they can stikk on the eyes. The product is also equipped with ice gel functions as cooler which creates relaxation to eyes.

Surya, August 4 2016 page 19

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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