Pull Strategy, Library Way to Improve Student Reading Interest

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UNAIR library is getting more comfortable and students can stay long in it. (Photo: Rio)

UNAIR NEWS – Reading interest covers a wish, ability and activity to read. To improve them among students, UNAIR library implements pull strategy. What is it? It is a strategy to attract students coming to the library, either physically or virtually to the online library system which is accessible for 24 hours on www.lib.unair.ac.id.

“Actually what the library has been and always does is not only to improve students’ reading interest but more than than, we want to improve students’ information literation,” said the Head of the Library Prof Dr I Made Narsa, SE., M.Si., Ak.

It means that the education is to improve students’ understanding on the source, way of tracking, use and management of information.

Prof Narsa added that pull strategy is implemented through some steps, such as by having more activities or events in the library. With this, students are expected to come such as through an activity of LPDP scholarship presentation and other BEM, UKM and student exponent activities.

The library focuses on improving the library comfort, from beautiful lay out, AC addition, lighting, locker improvement, to establishing decent Satria Airlangga Corner as well as returning flash lounge function as public discussion space. Facility is always being improved and the latest is the installment of 41 computer units for e-Lib service.

“We also have road show to faculties to inform the students about resources in the library,” added the professor of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR.

New interesting books display which is rotated periodically believed to be able to make library more dynamic. What is also interesting, the library page presents new books reviews written by librarian so the website viewers will be attracted and wanted to read the books.

“There is also a program which shows love to the readers, the library will buy books requested by students. Of course, the books requested have been considered objectively. If they are indeed good, we will buy them. It is to show our love to students who love reading,” he said. (*)

Author : Rio F. Rachman
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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