Preserving Culture by Proudly Wear Batik

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Prof. Bambang and Dr. Noorlailie during interview in FEB, Tuesday, August 2, wearing Batik proudly. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – In Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR, there was a professor with special outfit, different from the others. At college, he always wearing batik and a cane so this appearance makes Prof. Dr. Bambang Tjahjadi, SE.,MBA., Ak. noticeable.

Met on Tuesday, August 2, in FEB building, the man finished his master program in Western Carolina University said that he has done it for three years. The purpose is of course to preserve Javanese culture.

“At least there are three Javanese cultural heritages acknowledged by the world, Batik, Wayang and Keris. It is extraordinary. So if we can’t be proud for them, who else will?” he said.

Asked about his cane, Prof. Bambang said that it is just an accessory. But it is clear that his batik is an original hand-drawn batik. Every day he wears batik from Pekalongan, Sidoarjo and also Madura.

His pride towards Batik is also showed overseas as he always wears it when he has international seminars abroad. This local feature must be developed and Indonesian must not be proud of similar patterned cloth like batik but actually it was just imported stuff.

Furthermore, with FEB colleagues he established a proudly worn batik community. It is improving  and has a facebook group. The members are also from other universities. One of the colleagues of Bambang in FEB is Dr.Neorlailie Soewarno, SE., MBA., Ak.

Noerlailie said that Indonesian mostly spirited when they talk about Batik but they only talk. They are still reluctant to wear it. It is not a good attitude.

According to the woman who was graduated from American university, the community wants to spread the spirit of loving cultural heritage. The members’ have done some trainings on how to wear Batik correctly.

“Our activity is also applicative and reach wide society. We have hold the event in some campuses and places. We are also often invited in the events,” she said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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