Kemenko Maritim Introduces Maritime World Early On

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(From the left) General Secretary of AMBIN Samuel Littik, Ph.D., Kemenko Maritim staff, Anom Wirojatmiko, Head of KMB Jatim Prof. Dr. Sri Subekti, BS. drh., DEA., and the Head of the Committee Lieutenant Colonel (KH) Drs. Ambar Kristiyanto, M.Si., with elementary school students in PPWK-AI 2016. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian government’s effort to make Indonesia as the axis of the world’s maritime was welcomed well by the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime (Kemenko Maritim). Maritime Knowledge Introduction Program for Indonesian Children (PPWK-AI) 2016 is a program initiated by Kemenko on Maritime in collaboration with Maritime Partner Association (AMBIN) and Maritime Partner Consortium (KMB) Regional Center of East Java.

PPWK-AI was held for two days. On the first day, August 1, the event was held in Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) UNAIR in a form of presentation on maritime world. Then on the second day, it was held in Mangrove Ecotourism by taking the students to mangrove forest on Surabaya coast on Tuesday, August 2.

The staff of Coordinating Ministry on Maritime, Anom Wirojatmiko was also there to observe the event held for two days. He said that PPWK-AI event is part of government’s program to strengthen Indonesia’s position as the axis of the world’s maritime. For him, the event was to introduce Indonesian children to maritime world as well as to love and concern about it. Anom also said, apart from being the initiator, Kemenko on Maritime also funded the event.

“So, the Coordinating Ministry on Maritime provided the fund. Then we coordinated with AMBIN head office and regional KMB in each region to establish committee with other party such as Kobangdikal and universities,” said Anom.

Similar to Anom’s statement, General Secretary of AMBIN, Samuel Littik, Ph.D., said that maritime partner itself is a collaborative forum with related parties based on UU No.27/2007 amended in UU No.1/2014, on coastal areas and small islands management. For him, with the regulation, AMBIN performance with all KMB in Indonesia’s involvement can be maximal. He also added that AMBIN’s role in the event is connecting the ministry with all KMB offices in Indonesia.

“AMBIN is the operator in the field as we have partners in the provinces, KMB. The point is we connect the ministry as the initiator with KMB as the operator,” he said.

Mitra Kompak, (Dari Kiri) Staf Kemenko Maritim Anom Wirojatmiko, Sekjen AMBIN Samuel Littik, Ph.D., Ketua KMB Jatim Prof. Dr. Sri Subekti, BS. drh., DEA., dan Ketua Panitia Letkol (KH) Drs. Ambar Kristiyanto, M.Si., Sesaat Mengikuti Kegiatan Di Ekowisata Mangrove Surabaya.  (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
Solid partnership, (From the left) Staff of Coordinating Ministry on Maritime Anom Wirojatmiko, Gen. Sec. AMBIN Samuel Littik, Ph.D., Head of KMB Jatim Prof. Dr. Sri Subekti, BS. drh., DEA., and the Head of Committee Lieutenant Colonel (KH) Drs. Ambar Kristiyanto, M.Si., during the event in Mangrove Ecotourism Surabaya. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

In the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Sri Subekti, BS. drh., DEA., as the supervisor said that PPWK-AI 2016 ia a joint program between Kemenko Maritim, AMBIN, and KMB. Prof. Sri also added that it was led by Lieutenant Colonel (KH) Drs. Ambar Kristiyanto, M.Si., who is an ooficial in Kobangdikal. The former dean of FPK UNAIR also hoped that with this first event in East Java, it supports the other provinces’ event. She also said that this event can change the people mindset to find natural resources from the land to the ocean.

“If it is successful, it is hoped not only supporting the other provinces, but other activities can get into the program of many ministries such as Ministry of Education and Culture to be a part of the education curriculum,” she said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Bambang Edy Santoso

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