Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (29/7 – 1/8)

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Student with Disability Admitted in State University

Getting into a state university is an achievement for the society. It was experienced by Alfian Andhika Yudhistira, who was received in Anthropology Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNAIR Surabaya this year. Alfian is a student with sight disability since he was three months years old. He is the first student with total blindness to be admitted in UNAIR. To get through the learning process in UNAIR, he will make a lot of friends to get easier publicization. He will inform his friends with sight disability that they can have do activities normally.

Republika, July 29, 2016 page 21

Vocational Program with 374 Remaining  Seats

Opportunities to continue study in UNAIR is still open especially for students interested in vocational program. Director of Education UNAIR Prof. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih said that the quota of the vocational program was 1,220 seats, 1,125 seats for Diploma III (D-3) and 95 seats for Diploma IV (D-4). Second window of student admission for vocational program was opened from July 25 to August 2. Years after years, people who are interested in the vocational program are increasing. If the projection is to get jobs, then they should take diploma program which emphasizes applied science, not theoretical.

Jawa Pos, July 30, 2016 page 33

Not Following the Flow

Graduated from Faculty of Public Health (FKM)  UNAIR does not make Edith Frederika stop being a model. Edith disagreed that modeling world only for people who did not get enough education and only looked for money through their sensuality and beauty. That what makes her holding on modeling, even though she is a lecturer of Nutritions in her alma mater, UNAIR. The good or bad of model depends on the individual. Most importantly do not go with the flow.

Surya, July 30, 2016 page 13

Beware, Hepatitis Transmitted to New Born Baby

Hepatitis B virus infection in Indonesia cannot be dealt with. Even now, the most vulnerable to be infected is new born baby. The expert on Microbiology Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR who is concerned with Hepatitis, Prof. dr. Maria Lucia Inge Lusida M.Kes., Ph.D., said that Indonesia is included as a country with the medium to high endemic of Hepatitis B. Inge said that currently the government focused on new born baby. If a baby infected with hepatitis, possibility of chronic disease is big.

Sindo, July 31, 2016 page 14

Important to Teach Problem Solving Early On

Early on children must be prepared to deal with problems. According to a psychologist Dr. Dewi Retno Seminar M.Si., problem solving is good to be introduced early on. It is to anticipate sudden problems. The lecturer of Facuty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) said that problem solving materials can fasten their maturity process as they are used to be taught to solve their own problems. In her opinion, there are steps to problem solving which parents need to understand. For children less than seven years old it can be done by taking them to go shopping and discuss what to buy.

Jawa Pos, July 31, 2016 page 28

Smallpox Without Symptoms

Declining immune system should be addressed seriously. When the immune system is low, viral diseases can attack. According to UNAIR lecturer who is also the Head of Infectious Sexual Disease Division on Skin and Genital Medicine RSUD dr. Soetomo, dr. Dwi Murtiastutik Sp.KK (K), smallpox virus infects easily. Varicella-zoster virus which causes smallpox transmitted through air. In her opinion, after being infected by the smallpox virus, the symptoms are similar to flu. Then, rash will appear. Someone infected by the virus shows small lumps after two weeks. To prevent the disease, the best way is to maintain health and also avoid contacts to the infected.

Jawa Pos, July 31, 2016 page 36

Beware Irregular Heartbeat

Heart attack cases even often happen. The condition is not normally happened suddenly. It shows signs of heart problems through irregular heart rhythm. According to the alumnus of UNAIR, dr. Wenni Erwindia Sp.JP FIHA in Indonesian Atrial Fibrillation Campaign 2016 yesterday, July 31, arrhythmia can stop the heart to pump blood. The worst effect is death. Arrhythmia can be cured with anti-arrhythmic medication. Some coagulant is also needed to prevent blood clot which can cause strokes. It can also be done through implanting pacemaker to the heart.

Jawa Pos, August 1 page 36

Unair-ITS Re-accredited Four Programs

Eight programs in two state universities in Surabaya is having their re-accreditation this year. In UNAIR, re-accreditation is done for Historical Science, Chemistry Master program, Management Master program and Science Management Master program. UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh. Nasih said that the assessing team of National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education has been visiting and validating. This year, UNAIR prioritized programs which the accreditation period is over. In UNAIR, there are 167 program, and 83 of them are accredited A. For bachelor programs, they have been 75% accredited A.

Jawa Pos, August 1 page 25 and 35

Transfer Program Remaining 166 Seats

The competition to get into UNAIR is not only for SMA students graduated in 2014-2016. Diploma students are also given opportunity to transfer to bachelor programs. There are nine programs which open transfer program, five of them are science major, midwifery, public health, nutrition and nursing and fishery. Four other program are management, accounting, informational science and library also English literature. At the moment, remaining quota for the second window is 166 seats.

Jawa Pos, August 1 page 28

Towards Zero Tuberculosis 20150

Tuberculosis currently still becomes an infectious disease with quite high infecting rate and mortality rate. The death toll of TB patients is the third in Indonesia. According to Vice Dean III FK UNAIR, Ni Made Mertaniasih, TB is still a global issue in global healthcare around the world.  An effort by UNAIR to address the issue is by holding an international seminar Global Strategy to Combat Emerging Infectious Diseases in Borderless Era (GSEID 2016) in Surabaya on August 8-9, 2016. The head of GSEID committee, Soedarsono said that the seminar organization is UNAIR’s expression to discuss tropical diseases especially infectious ones.

Republika, August 1 page 3

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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