UNAIR Alumnus in England to Give Public Lecture on Cardiovascular

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UNAIR NEWS –Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) is making great efforts towards education internationalization. It holds a lot of visiting professor programs and alumni networking development abroad.

One of the alumni of UNAIR who works abroad is Dr. Delvac Oceandy. Delvac is a Faculty of Medicine (FK) graduate in 1996 who is now a senior lecturer in University of Manshester (UoM), England. Delvac is the professor who is going to give a public lecture in UNAIR on cardiovascular on Thursday, August 11. Apart from being a professor, Delvac is also a supervisor who authorized UoM postgraduate student admission.

“This public lecture by Delvac is important as it will be an activity which is viewed, for example as how to maintain good relation with alma mater. Second, Delvac’s appearance is expected to boost collaborations between UNAIR and University of Manchester (UoM),” said Margaretha Rehulina, Deputy of International Office and Partnership UNAIR.

Beside Delvac’s visit, UNAIR also encouraged its lecturers on cardiovascular and biomedical engineering to study in Europe and vice versa. UNAIR will also invite other UNAIR lecturer graduated from European universities.

“In the public lecture, participants will be given opportunities to discuss with Delvac for developing their research proposals. And of course, this public lecture can also be used to meet European universities’ graduate, to expand the networking and develop collaborations with one another,” said Margaretha.

Vice Rector III UNAIR Prof. Amin who oversees research collaborations said that there will be scholarships allocated to lecturers who will study abroad. These scholarships are aimed to improve lecturers’ scientific skill so they can have more research publications.

“UNAIR will provide scholarships for lecturers to study abroad. There will be five lecturers for each faculty,” said Prof. Amin.

European Graduates Lecturers Forum

On Tuesday, August 2 there will be a forum of lecturers graduated from European universities in UNAIR. UNAIR will use the forum to reinforce alumni roles, especially the ones who were graduated from European universities.

“This forum was to reinforce roles of UNAIR lecturers, alumni of international universities to be the motor or researches and publications which support UNAIR. The lecturers can conduct researches with their former supervisors, or keep maintaining collaborations either on research or sommunity service, so they can make international publications,” said Margaretha.

Margaretha added that the other objective of the forum is to map UNAIR diaspora who stay overseas, work there and hold strategic roles in the countries.

There has been a similar forum when alumni in Australia were gathered. All academicians of UANIR who have studied abroad are expected to be involved in the forum.

“The forum will be divided, categorized according to their foreign countries, such as what we have done with Australian forum alumni. Lecturers and academicians of UNAIR graduated in Australia gathered in the forum. They will look for UNAIR graduates who work in Australia,” she continued.

In the future, UNAIR through IOP will develop alumni forum studied in other countries to develop collaborations for improving quality of education internationalization in UNAIR. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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