Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (29/7)

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Glossitis, Child’s Difficulty to Eat

Children lose weight due to difficulty to eat should be handled quickly. If it happens, and there is a swollen tongue, it can be a symptom of glossitis. dr. Dian Pratamastuti, SpA., said that, glossitis of mengungkapkan, glossitis or tongue  inflammation occurs due to infection in oral area. The source of the problem is bacterial infection. According to the FK UNAIR alumnus, infection occurs when the children do not look after their dental hygiene. The treatment depends on its causing factor, if it is caused by an infection, antibiotics can be used. If it is caused by burnt trauma or heat, it can be treated with cooler. If it occurs due to oral hygiene, then sour and hot food should be avoided.

Jawa Pos, July 29, 2016 page 44

Quota Increased to Anticipate Vacant Seat

There were 1,557 applicants through the selection of UNAIR independent admission.They were more than the quota determined before, 1,430 seats. According to UNAIR Rector, Prof. Moh. Nasih, 127 seats were to anticipant vacant seats caused by applicants who do not complete the registration. UNAIR allocated seats for PPMB 2016 were 6,225. From the total allocation, 10% or 622 were for Bidikmisi students, 373 of them were from SNMPTN, 293 were from SBMPTN and 172 were from independent admission. Besides, UNAIR also admitted 24 students from 3T area (outermost, remote and disadvantaged).

Jawa Pos, July 29, 2016 page 29

Ready to Narrow Gap of Education Quality

Muhadjir Effendy started his activity as the Minister of Education and Culture on Thursday, July 28. While consolidating internally and mapping the problems on education and culture in the country, he is going to narrow the gap of education quality between regions. Muhadjir who had finished his doctoral degree in UNAIR said that he will focus on dealing with discrepancy problems to improve Indonesian education.  Regarding equalization and compliance of education standards of Smart Indonesian Card, Muhadjir will reform its distribution pace. On National Exam continuation or modification, it will be reviewed to view the national education standards. As of now, there are not any detailed regulations which define further education standards. It will be looked over to formulate detailed work plan.

Kompas, July 29, 2016 page 8

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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