UNAIR Rector in Discussion on Public Issues

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Discussion on Global Issues in the fourth floor Hall Management Office Building UNAIR (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Fourth floor hall of Management Office Building atmosphere was out of ordinary. UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih., SE., MT.,Ak., CMA, with some social media experts were having a discussion which was covered by state owned television company on Tuesday, July 26. The discussion on public issues was moderated by the Head of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR, Drs. Suko Widodo, M.Si.

The discussion attended by student and staff representatives in Management Office Building UNAIR discussed about the effects and implications of information technology. Suko opened the discussion by bringing up the phenomenon of Pokemon Go, a game which overwhelms public at global scale.

“The impacts of information technology are difficult to repress, such as the overwhelming game, Pokemon Go fever,” he said.

Prof. Nasih commented that information technology cannot be separated from the value. For him, information technology develops at this moment also has business interests and determines various decisions.

“In the future, this development must be pushed to give more advantages to wider society. Regarding its business orientation, it can support our UKM development,” said Prof. Nasih.

Social media practitioner and expert, Agung Putu Iskandar said that good and bad effects of information technology development cannot be avoided. For him, the individuals or users of the technology determine the existing impacts.

“It depends on each individual on how to exploit it,” said Agung.

Similar to Agung’s opinion, a lecturer of Communication Science, Kandi Aryani, S.Sos., M.A., said that information technology shows individual enthusiasm to appear publicly. The social media expert also added that with the existence of this sophisticated information technology, each individual can produce and consume various information.

“What needs to be kept in mind while using social media is the awareness to differentiate either private space or public space,” she said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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