Public Space Without Domination Difficult to Attain

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Alex Reynold Situmorang, first Polda Jatim official who achieved Doctor of Social Science from FISIP UNAIR (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Since its separation from the military, the police force is expected to actively blend with the society. To get closer to the people, the National Police (POLRI) event established a forum which facilitates the people called Forum of the Partnership of Police and Community (FKPM) in 2005. It was hoped that the forum was established as consensus of domination absence. But it is still far from what expected.

It was stated by Alex Reynold Situmorang during interview regarding his dissertation research. Dissertation written by the middle-rank officer of East Java Regional Police was titled ‘Perpolisian Masyarakat: Studi tentang Interaksi Polisi dan Masyarakat dari Perspektif Teori Habermas’.

His dissertation made him the first Polda Jatim officer with doctoral  degree on social science from FISIP UNAIR, Alex was graduated ‘with praise’ after defending his dissertation against nine examiners.

In his dissertation, he discussed about problems in community police or known as polmas. He hoped with polmas existence in 2005, police force does not only enforce the law but also prevent and promote security and order in the community. Therefore, community involvement is needed to support the force, one of the ways is through this Forum of the Partnership of Police and Community (FKPM).

In many regions where local wisdoms is hold well, police force active roles in community were through traditional institution. In Bali, there are still traditional police (pecalang) or in Padang which is called nini mama.

“Police is no longer in military and must be able to blend with the community, sit together to solve the problems in the community. The force is expected to actively contribute in the community by getting into their life through traditional institution, such as pecalang in Bali, or nini mama in Padang, community or public organization,” said Alex.

He explained that equality in this partnership is what he studied. He focused on research in East Java. Through Habermas’ discursive theory, equal public space is needed ideally. But the equality in the forum still cannot be implemented effectively.  One of the reasons is effect of figures in society.

Based on his research, active involvement of the community on the importance of security has ben implemented. But equal public space cannot be realized, especially in the eastern part of East Java.

“Figures’ role is quite strong in Pasuruan, Jember. They understand well the importance of security but to justify the cause they appoint village elders, kyai (religious leaders), klebun (head of village). While the theory I adopt said that public space must be free from domination. There should be no status, equality happens because of the idea. It is a challenge for Habermas theory in Indonesia,” explained former Head of Kapolsek Gading Rejo, Polres Pasuruan Kota. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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