Makes Alma mater Proud, Archery UKM Wins Silver Medals in Asean University Games

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Della Adisty Handayani (left) and Tiara Sakti Ramadhani (right) with the medals they won in Asean University Games (AUG) 2016. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Archery UKM Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has made another achievement for the alma mater. After they succeeded in winning the gold in Surabaya Archery Open Tournament 2016 last May, Archery UKM UNAIR made it to bring three silver medals home in Asean University Games (AUG) 2016 held on July 10 – 19,  2016.

Tiara Sakti Ramadhani (FISIP) and Della Adisty Handayani (FEB) were two archers of UNAIR sent to Singapore to compete in AUG 2016 with other archers from Indonesia. Both were selected by Indonesian University Sports Organization (BAPOMI) to represent UNAIR for the competition.

In the competition, Della has succeeded in winning a silver medal in Female Team Compound, while Tiara got two silver medals from Female Team Compound and Mix Team Compund .

Tiara said that  it was her first time competing in AUG 2016. “For me, it was my first time in an international big event like that, I usually compete in international open tournament not multi event competition like that,” said Tiara.

But Della, the last daughter of national archer Lilies Handayani, has been many times competing and representing Indonesia in Sea Games, Asian Games and Asian Grand Prix. Della admitted that for AUG 2016, she did not do any special preparation and she was more relaxed during competition.

“There weren’t any special preparations, as I only focused on PON, so this AUG event was a trial event,” said Della.

In Female Team Compound category in AUG 2016, Della and her team competed with Malaysia in the final with 227 – 218 and brought silver medals home. Either Della or Tiara hoped that their achievement will inspire other students to do the same, making achievements and gaining good reputation for the alma mater.

Author : Faridah Hari
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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