Independent Admission Entrance Test Runs Well

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Test participants of independent admission Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in Language building, Campus B, on Sunday, July 24. (Photo: Bambang ES)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Entrance test through independent admission on Sunday, July 24 ran well with no problems at all. The test was taken by 10,941 participants, 5,443 from Science major (IPA) and 5,498 from Social major (IPS). The test was similar with SBM-PTN test, academic potential and academic achievement test.

There were so many participants that the test must be held in many places. Beside using classrooms and halls in Campus A, B and C UNAIR, it had to be held outside UNAIR such as in Institut Teknologi Adi Tama Surabaya (ITATS), also some schools in Surabaya such as in SMA Negeri VI Jl. Pemuda Kota Surabaya.

Some participants were late arriving in the test location due to busy traffic. Even some participants panicked as they have not found their seat because they did not survey the place the day before.

“I’m grateful that my child take the test in Campus B,” said a father of a participant from Pasuruan.

The report from Student Admission Center (PPMB) UNAIR, said that there were no real problems in its organization. There were not any impersonators during the test. It is believed that it was caused by signal scrambling done by the committee.

”The competition is fierce, but we must feel grateful that the written test held yesterday run well and in control,” said the Head of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR Drs. Suko Widodo, M.Si.

As we all know, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) for this academic year 2016-2017 accepts 5,205 students for bachelor programs, 40% from SNM-PTN, 30% from SBM-PTN and from independent admission was 30 % from the quota and vocational program (Diploma) was not included yet.

“So from 10,941 participants who took the test, 1,870 of them will be accepted which is 17% of total participants taking the test,” elaborated UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., MCA., as quoted on the media.

UNAIR in holding the test yesterday cooperated with some parties such as the police force to provide safety for the participants and their parents also to manage the traffic especially in congestion prone points. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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