Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (July 15 – 20)

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UNAIR- UBRU Thailand Agree to Hold Research Collaboration

Two higher education institutions, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) and Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University (UBRU) Thailand committed to strengthen their collaboration especially on research. The agreement was marked by the MoU signing in Campus C UNAIR Surabaya, Wdnesday, July 13. According to UNAIR Rector, Prof. Nasih, the collaboration include research and international journal publications Scopus indexed also staff exchange to UBRU. The Memorandum of Agreement signing was witnessed by FKM staff, President of UBRU and other delegates. The signing of this agreement followed  the previous agreement from 2013 to 2015.

Republika, July 15, 2016 page 9

Bidikmisi Students Over Quota, Universities Confused

Central government policy regarding quota for bidikmisi scholarship which was decided after the admission made some universities receive more Bidikmisi students. In UNAIR, it also happened. From the quota of 440 students, UNAIR had already received 666 students, 373 students were from SNMPTN and 293 students from SBMPTN. So there were 116 students which already admitted as Bidikmisi students but outside the quota of the government, so the tuition fee is UNAIR’s responsibility.

Sindo, July 16, 2016 page 2, Radar, July 16, 2016 page 3

22 WNA Undergo Selection of International Class

Universities in Surabaya do not only attract domestic students. There are a lot of foreign citizens who want to continue their studies in Surabaya, such as in UNAIR. Every year there are always foreign citizens (WNA) apply for education at UNAIR. This year, there were 22 WNA applying for the admission 2016. According to UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh, the number of the foreign students this year is lower than last year. Last year there were 32 foreign students applying for international class through independent admission. Besides the 22 students, international class also attracts domestic students. This year, UNAIR opens international classes of four programs. All programs are in Faculty of Medicine (FK), 20 seats are at Medical Studies, 10 are in Dentistry, 15 are in veterinary Medicine and 10 are in Pharmacy.

Jawa Pos, July 16, 2016 page 28

Had Financial Problem Once, Be the Best with GPA 4.00

UNAIR graduated 835 students from various departments and degrees. The graduates were not only from Indonesia, but also from other countries. Even Moro Kadjo Daniel Bitty, from Ivory Coast, became the best graduate from doctoral program. He admitted that he had wanted to study in Indonesia. To get his doctoral degree, he had to work hard as he did not have the wealth. But during his research on the importance of financial effect of daily life and the understanding of the policy in the developing countries in Africa and Asia, he got assistance from some lecturers in UNAIR. His research results made him the best graduate of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) and be the only graduate with perfect GPA. Beside Daniel, there were 14 other foreign students graduated in Airlangga Convention Center on July 16, 2016.

Sindo, July 17, 2016 page 2, Jawa Pos, July 17, 2016 page 24, Republika, July 18, 2016 page 14

Swallowing Disorder Therapy with Electric Stimulator

Feeding tube is often used by stroke patients. People who suffer from stroke have problems with their nerves especially number 5,6,7,9,10, and 12 related to the ability to swallow. Physical and rehabilitative medicine specialist dr.Nunung Nugroho, SpKFR, said that it was called dysphagia. Almost all stroke patients experience it, but it is different from one another. Patients with feeding tube have difficulty to life comfortably. They cannot enjoy and taste their own food. Now, there is a therapy which can be done to help the patients. Beside with medication, there is also manual speech therapy. According to the alumnus of FK UNAIR, there is even more modern device called neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) where the patient is stimulated with electrodes.

Jawa Pos , July 15, 2016 page 36

Medcupe, Preventing Samples Swapped by Accident in Hospital

The case of swapped patient samples  in laboratories happened for a few times. Inspired by this, five students of UNAIR, Mokhammad Dedy Batomi, Mokhammad Deny Basri, Masunatal Ubudiyah, Pratama bagus Baharsyah, and Sucowati Dwi Jatis, created Medcupe (Medical Specimens Cube Shipper). It functions as ergonomic sender device and patient specimen direct labeling based on imaging management. Unfortunately the machine has not been able to control sample delivery automatically. As the samples arrive in laboratory, the staff still has to sort the samples according to their kinds before delivered to the test operator.

Sindo, July 18, 2016 page 13 and 14

Diapers, Choose the Right Ones

Babies often use incorrect one-time-use diapers. Therefore they get diaper rash. According to an alumnus UNAIR,  dr. Dian Pramastuti, SpA, use a diaper too long can cause the rash. When the diaper humid because there is too mnuch liquid, the skin cannot breathe. It becomes a favorite spot for bacteria so there is reddish skin around the genitalia or the bottom. If nothing done for it, it can cause urinary duct infection. To prevent the rash, ideally the diaper changed routinely, at least once in four hours. Besides, choose diapers with soft material including the one which absorbs water well.

Jawa Pos, July 19, 2016 page 36

UNAIR Lecturers Become Guardians for Bidikmisi Students

The limited budget for Bidikmisi students made UNAIR oblige the lecturers be the guardians for them. It was because the allocated allowance is only Rp 600 thousand, while their need can be more especially students from out of town. UNAIR Rector, Prof. Moh. Nasih admitted that his staff is trying to make a policy to make the lecturers be guardians for the students.

Radar, July 20, 2016 page 11, Surya, July 20, 2016 page 13 and 16 , Jawa Pos, July 20, 2016 page 29

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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