UNAIR Sends 3,052 Students Out to Community

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Vice Rector I Prof. Djoko Santoso Giving Books to 15 representatives of KKN BBM-54. (Photo: Yitno)

UNAIR NEWS – As a service to community, Universitas Airlangga Rector through Vice Rector I Prof. Djoko Santoso sends 3,052 students and 152 supervising lecturers out for 54th Community Service Program – Learning Together with the Community. The ceremony was held in Airlangga Convention Center on Monday, July 18.

The ceremony was attended by high officials of UNAIR, government representatives of Surabaya, Nganjuk and Sampang. From 3,052 students, 462 of them were to hold Thematic KKN (program transfer), 77 of them were to participate in Thematic KKN (Cipta Karya ), 14 of them in a Regular KKN in Mandangin Island and 15 of them to join Nationalism KKN.

Participants of those four KKN programs will serve in the community from July 19 to August 13 2016. They will provide service on education healthcare, productive economy and environment.

Prof. Djoko in his address said that the students are expected to make positive changes. “Use the basic or applied science in the community. Therefore you are expected to show competence and skills,” said Prof. Djoko.

Collaborate with USAID

In the implementation of Thematic KKN, UNAIR involved the Ministry of Public Work and Public Housing. The program was held in seven villages in Surabaya. According to Prof. Jusuf Irianto, as the Head of Institute of Community Service, Education, Training and Development (LP4M)UNAIR, the students will not be involved in the process of physical construction but they will develop the model which enable the community to use the facilities in a maximum way.

In this Thematic KKN, UNAIR collaborates with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Indonesia. With USAID, about 66 students of UNAIR were involved to deal with zoonosis.

“There is One Health program. They are students involved in handling diseases caused by animals (zoonosis). It was participated by 66 students, especially from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH). So, there are six titles of proposals funded by USAID Rp 20 million each, and Rp 1.5 million by UNAIR. Zoonosis and KKN Cipta Karya are still focused in Surabaya. If it runs well, insya Allah (God willing) it will be carried on in five areas,” said Prof. Jusuf.

Ecotourism Development in Riau

There are 15 students from various faculties in UNAIR involved in Nationalism KKN held by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. They will meet and collaborate with other students from other universities in Indonesia. It will be held from July 21 to August 28, 2016 in Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji, Riau Isles.

Team leader of UNAIR Nationalism KKN team, Rendi said that the big theme determined by Dikti is about maritime ecotourism development in 3T areas (outermost, remote and disadvantaged) in Indonesia based on community to preserve the sovereignty.

“From the big theme, it will be broken down to some basic themes, establishing tourism institutes, community empowerment, and creating tourism websites. All related to tourism. There is a core program which emphasizes nationalism to preserve sovereignty so the community realize that they belong to Indonesia,” said Rendi.

He hoped that the implementation of Nationalism KKN in Riau runs well and especially gives benefits for the people. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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