PIH Sponsors East Java Education Communication and Information Forum Discussion

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Atmosphere of the education discussion initiated by PIH UNAIR.

UNAIR NEWS – Communication and Information Forum of East Java Education held in a homely atmosphere at  d’Kampoeng Surabaya Town Square last Friday, July 15. The event which was also initiated by Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR was attended by various elements of society, such as education journalists, Surabaya’s legislators, Education Council of Surabaya, Education Council of East Java, the representatives of Education Agency of East Java and NGO. Also the representatives of universities’ public relations from ITS, Unitomo, Untag, UPN Veteran Jatim and Unesa.

The head of PIH UNAIR Drs Suko Widodo MSi in his address said that the problems of education were responsibilities of all elements, not only lecturers and teachers but also the business elements. Most importantly, all elements must believe that synergy is indispensable.

“Through this forum of discussion, ideas on East Java education development are being formulated. Later on, they will be presented to the policy makers,” said the political communication expert.

He added that education applied in the society is referred more to scientific intelligence while the important one is life intelligence. “Because of the misappropriate concept, the students are difficult to be independent,” he said.

Reni Astuti (mengenakan jilbab) saat memberi penjelasannya dalam diskusi yang dihadiri beragam elemen masyarakat.
Reni Astuti (in a veil) explaining her ideas in the discussion.

The Head of Education Council of Surabaya, Martadi said that education problems in Indonesia must be studied through many aspects. Inter sectoral ideas are absolutely needed. “Because the exponents handled are many. Students, teachers, parents and even students and the universities,” he said.

The legislator of Surabaya, Reni Astuti who was also present in the discussion said that there are more than 512 thousands of students in Surabaya, in SD, SMP and SMA. “More resources are needed to think for them. Discussing them is similar with discussing the future of the city,” she said.

Meanwhile, the journalists of education admitted that they are ready to publicize and be the source of information regarding the activities, the focus of the forum so the society understands well with the movement. “It was already our jobs to be the social control and to provide useful information in the society,” said Adit Hananta Utama, Bhirawa Daily’s journalist. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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