Stovit Cafetaria Has its Logo from Contest

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From 18 logos in contest, the work of Setian Fitri Sayekti (middle) named as the winner. (Photo: FKG Public Relations)

UNAIR NEWS – After Lebaran, on July 14 2016, FKG UNAIR has a new canteen named STOVIT CAFETARIA. The canteen can be a referred place to eat for the academicians and patients in FKG area. Actually, the place was already quite popular with various delicious dishes. It was re-opened and re-named to make it more popular.

To improve the canteen with hygiene certification, FKG staff held a contest to make STOVIT CAFETARIA logo. The participants were all FKG UNAIR students.

The judging was done in July 2016, attended by the dean, vice dean, contestants and the committee. From 18 contested logos, the work of Setian Fitri Sayekti named as the winner.

Hasil karya pemenang sayembara logo Stovit Cafetaria (Foto: Humas FKG)
The winning logo of Stovit Cafetaria (Photo: FKG Public Relations)

Setian explained that the logo was designed with corel draw. The idea was spontaneous, taken from the Stovit unique building of FKG UNAIR. The copyright has been given as rewards to the winner. Setian said that the logo has a balance composition to be applied in many medias such as letter heading, banners, or T-shirt. (*)

Author: FKG Public Relations.
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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