Pushing Accreditation A for All FIB Programs

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Vice Dean I FIB UNAIR, Puji Karyanto, S.S., M.Hum., in his office room. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Accreditation is a benchmark of an institution’s success in managing all its aspects. In education, accreditation is indispensable to assess how good the institution produces excellent human resources. In this regard, Vice Dean I FIB UNAIR, Puji Karyanto, M.Hum., elaborated efforts he has made to improve quality of the accreditation for all programs in FIB UNAIR. Faculty established in 1998 has had four bachelor programs and three of them accredited A, and two master programs.

“In our faculty, only Japanese Literature which is still accredited B and it also applied for another accreditation process this year, for our Master programs, Cultural Literature Studies is accredited A, while Linguistics is waiting for the result. We hoped it will be A or at least B and we never expect for C accreditation. Even though Linguistics master program potentially achieves A, it is hampered on graduate points as its graduates are not so many,” he said.

Being asked about its efforts in maintaining accreditation A. Puji explained them as the vice dean overseeing academic and student affairs. First, curriculum formulation. The faculty and the program should gather inputs from the alumni or the employing companies of the graduates.


“When we graduate students and they work in some companies, we request the companies’ input on the alumni’s performances and their quality. Also on the problems they have at work, they never have at college. So, curriculum is like the edge of the knife for the alumni in professional world,” he said.

Second, pushing Accreditation A, an aspect of criteria used by BAN-PT. “All points in BAN-PT accreditation will be fulfilled, including completing administrative requirements and improving lecturers’ quality to doctors and professors,” he said.

One of the important aspects for him is the roles of students. FIB keeps pushing its students to perform in various competitions, either national or international. What also important is the students’ activities.

According to Indonesian Literature’s lecturer, the students’ activity is an important point for program accreditation. One important thing to the students’ activity is the written report, he said that some students like to organize activities but they do not write the reports, it is already improved by FIB.

“Our student used to organize activities but they were lazy to write the reports. Now it’s different, as reports are important factors for the organization of next activities. It is important because even though they organize activities and they do, but without reports they will not be acknowledged,” said Puji. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Defrina Sukma S.

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