Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (14/7)

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55 Seats for Foreign Students

Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) does not only give opportunity to domestic high schoolers, but it also accepts foreign students for its independent admission. This year’s quota is 55 seats. UNAIR Rector, Prof.Moh Nasih said that this year UNAIR opens admission for foreign students in four programs. There are 20 seats for medical education program, 10 seats for dentistry program, 15 seats for veterinary medicine and 10 seats for pharmacy. The registration for these foreign students was opened simultaneously with independent admission, from June 13 to July 14 2016. For the entrance test, UNAIR will hold academic potential test and subject test for independent admission foreign students in English.

Jawa Pos , July 14, 2016 page 23

Massage Decreases Lactic Acid

Exodus routine we have every year does not only give us joy as we can meet our beloved families, but also gives us fatigue. To make our body fit again, relaxation is needed. Physical and rehabilitative medicine specialist, dr.Nunung Nugroho, SpKFR., said that one of the ways we can do to refresh our bodies is having spa treatment. In spa, usually there is a massage. It can decreases lactic acid in our bodies. According to the Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) alumnus, excessive lactic acid will cause discomfort and muscle pain. However, the massage should not be performed harshly because the muscle can even get injured. The massage should be done firmly but softly. Moreover, in each muscle joint, there is certain direction for example, the heels should be massaged in a circular direction and in other location can be pushed more.

Jawa Pos, July 14, 2016 page 28

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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