Animal Husbandry, Uniqueness of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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UNAIR NEWS – One of the uniqueness of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) UNAIR is department of animal husbandry. In the department, students are taught agro-business and good farming techniques. It also incites entrepreneurship to the students.

“As far as I know, only UNAIR which has animal husbandry department in FKH. It is a guarantee that the course and science learned here is more detailed and different from others,” said a professor of FKH, Prof Dr Anwar Ma’ruf M.Kes drh.

All this time, FKH UNAIR graduates are sought in the professional world. Anwar said that the longest time they have to wait before they get good jobs is a month. Postgraduate School’s Vice Director has ever been contacted by employers who are looking for fresh graduates. At that time, all graduates of the faculty have been employed.

There are many job placements available for FKH graduates. They can start their own practice for big animal husbandry like cows, goats, horses or other animals. They can also run poultry business. They usually do it in villages.

They can also start their own pet service such as for cats, dogs, reptiles and other animals. This service usually opened in big cities.

“Special technical service or animal medical treatment can only be done by those who have received special education. It cannot be done by anyone,” said the man from Bojonegoro.

Their expertise is also needed to provide service of artificial insemination to animals. The government also needs it. In order to improve quality and quantity of meat in Indonesia, decision to get into the faculty was directed and their objectives were measured and make sense. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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