Uniqueness of Literature Students

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UNAIR NEWS – Every major of a university has its uniqueness. So do the students. The lecturer of Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Kukuh Yudha Karnanta said that students of literature have their own uniqueness.

“It may be caused by the atmosphere of the classes and the discussion in literature department which is different from other departments,” he said. What are the uniqueness? Here is a little about it.

Having Lots of Alternative Solutions

Students of literature department are obliged to read lots of literary books. The works have different interpretations, plots and varying contexts. Students are encouraged to think multidimensional and to enrich their imaginations.

They are trained to expand their knowledge, so they tend to have many alternative solutions in dealing with problems. Being friends with them is interesting as they will always have different and interesting perspective to listen to.

Most importantly, they are flexible, they do not blame others and they are not conservatives. They have high tolerance and easy to accept differences.


Literary works can only be understood with feelings as humanity is exploited in them. Short stories, novels, poems, drama, and other works are the products of deep contemplation. Written with calm heart and thought to reach other calm hearts and thoughts.

It sharpens empathy of the students. They are easily moved and responsive to other feelings, therefore they like helping others.

Too Emotional

It is the opposite of the previous uniqueness. As they often play and learn from literary works involving feelings, the students often become too emotional so they tend to be exaggerating things. “There is a constant pull of empathy and sensitiveness. Empathy should dominate as it always contains positivity,” said Kukuh.

Being too emotional is not a good thing as it makes people often daydream and be over-sensitive. If they are carried on, they will make them resentful and full of prejudice. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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