Smartphones Make Toddlers Difficult to Understand Human Expressions

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UNAIR NEWS – Informationa and communication technological advancement should not be a boomerang. It should not bring more harm to human and its social life especially to kids. It was stated by Dr Dewi Retno Suminar MSi, vice dean III of Facuty of Psychology. Parents have important roles to make sure that their kids are not addicted to smartphones and their applications.

“Since early development, children should never rely on smartphones. Even since birth until elementary school, we must not let them enjoy the phones sophistication,” she said.

At that age, children learn to record and understand human expression especially people around them. If they often face screen of smartphones, their sensitiveness to identify facial expression will be limited. In social interaction, their concern to others’ expression is indispensable because it is connected to feelings and soul states.

If the reflective ability to recognize feelings is bad, the communication will also be bad. If the communication is bad, then the interaction will be messed up so relationship with others cannot run well.

“later on, the children will face difficulties in life, at school, campus or at work,” said Dewi.

Even in elementary school, they should be warned that smartphones are merely devices, not primary need. Devices for what? For learning. So if they use smartphones, learning will be at best. Not the other way around: because of smartphones they forget to learn and study.

Furthermore, they are devices for communication. If they want to connect with others far from them, they use smart phones. Not the other way around: because they play with their smartphones, they forget to communicate with others.

The use of information and communication technology on children should be observed by parents. Fathers, mothers, or guardians cannot deem this situation as indispensable thing from era advancement. It must be highlited, children always need guidance and direction from older people. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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