Library Improves Service through Technological Optimization

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Students using computers in the library.

UNAIR NEWS – If last year, visiting students had to leave their id cards when they wanted to borrow lockers, this year is different. They just have to scan their student cards and they will get the lockers.

Technological optimization is done to maximize services. It will indeed ease the visiting students. The library itself has a digitized data. So the lockers and key holders can be monitored.

It will minimize id card misplacements which usually left at the locker attendant. “This locker automatization system gives positive effect. Many students are satisfied with the new service,” said the library’s public relation officer, Agung B. Kristiawan.

What is also interesting, for a month in campus B, there are 40 new computers. They can be used to open UNAIR favorite journals either national or international level and plus it can be downloaded and saved into a flash drive.

Furthermore, UNAIR favorite journal download can also be accessed outside the library. So, online access is provided. They way this works can be seen on This service can only be used by UNAIR civitas academica.

“We provided online feature as a virtual service form. That way, virtual visits can be recorded well,” said the man who is also active in American Corner. This virtual visits affect webometric points. Therefore, special attention is given on it.

To inform this vitual visits, the IT team of the library has gone for roadshows to faculties and units. Therefore, information on this breakthrough can be well known. “All services in the library including the virtual ones can be used free of charge,” Agung said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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