Tips to Manage Holiday Allowance More Productively

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Making list of things before receiving allowance is a good thing. The need list should be listed based on priority. (Photo:

UNAIR NEWS – Holiday moments are expected with joy. One of the things waited by workers is holiday allowance (THR). Considered as the thirteenth wage, it is given to the workers or employees as an allowance from the place they work. But obviously, there are many people still cannot manage the allowance well.

It was elaborated by Dr. Wisudanto, SE., MM., CFP., a lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR. He said that when a person receives THR, there will be euphoria because of income and consumption increase.

“Euphoria of income improvement causes all prices in the market considered cheap, while euphoria of consumption make someone thinks that they need more,” said the financial management expert from UNAIR.

According to Wisudanto, euphoria of income improvement is made worse by the inviting shopping centres with sales and discounts so it causes impulse buying, it will cause people make mistakes in predicting their incomes.

“It will make them feel less after their receive THR, even to meet their need they can owe some omore money,” she said.

To deal with the problems, Wisudanto gave some useful tips. He said that someone who receives THR should be accurate in identifying their needs, it is better to make a list of needs before receiving the allowance. It must be listed by the priorities.

“For example on paying zakat special to this holy month, then paying monthly bills like electricity, telephone, water and other bills. Then allocating it for passive income improvement, such as adding deposits, mutual funds and other financial improvements. Then it can be allocated for sillaturahmi needs in Syawal,” said Wisudanto.

By making the list, someone will be prevented from the euphoria after receiving THR. “Furthermore, it will can also control and avoid us from making excessive consumptions and impulse buying in shopping centres,” explained Wisudanto.

In the occasion, Wisudanto commented on the government policy related to workers. Last March 2016, the government issued a regulation which says that workers with at least a month of working period have rights to get THR, the amount is calculated proportionally according to the working period. Wisudanto believed that this policy is giving the society benefits.

“If the discussion is limited to the effects on workers, then they are benefited as they got more income. The regulation is better well formulated by the government, so it can give benefits more productively rather than improve consumption,” he said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Bambang Bes

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