Rewards Students to Improve their Writing Interest

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Faculty of Humanities (FIB) lecturer Kukuh Yudha Karnanta during interview.

UNAIR NEWS – Universities must improve writing tradition as a form of academic culture. The works must be accounted for which mean that they are based on facts and they contain education, literature, humanity, research concept and other positive contents.

Faculty of Humanities (FIB) lecturer Kukuh Yudha Karnanta said that all this time, UNAIR lecturers always try to motivate students to write more. He himself never stops motivating them.

The man graduated from UNAIR Indonesian Literature 2002 said that his writing interest started from his reading habit. There is no good writing without great readings. So inciting reading habit is also important.

The lecturer who finished his master program in Universitas Gadjah Mada said that there are two steps to make them interested in writing. First, by the system. Students are obliged to read certain books. Certain references are used in class every semester. It means that if students do not read the books, they will be left behind and do not get marks for assignments.

Second, stimulate students with point rewards (by personal). “I tell them, who can write something and it is published on mass media, I will give them A. It can be opinions, short stories, poems or other forms,” he said.

The man known as Kukuh said that a piece of writing published on mass media means that it is a good piece and good piece of writing must be from a good reading. “Someone writes better if they are also a good reader,” he said.

On the other hand, Kukuh also sees students with different talents. People like these will create extraordinary and unpredicted pieces of works. They are usually silent, rowdy and other unexpected characters.

“The point is we should not underestimate other peculiar fellows. Because their work, in writing for example, can be very good, original and unexpected,” he said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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