Postgraduate School’s Target 2018, All Programs Accredited A

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UNAIR NEWS – Postgraduate School keeps trying to improve their accreditations. As of now, there are twelve programs there. One accredited A, four accredited B, seven of them accredited C are applying for better accreditation to BAN-PT.

Three of seven programs applying for this year are predicted to be accredited A. The rest, are estimated to be Accredited B. “One program applied this year has been approved and accredited B. So we just need to deal with the other six programs,” said Vice Director of Postgraduate School, Prof Dr Anwar Ma’ruf drh M.Kes in his room.

Next year, all programs accredited B will apply for accreditation again. Then, in 2018, all programs will be accredited A.

The professor of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) said accreditation is an important element when campus wants to promote it as the students will consider about it. So far, said the man from Bojonegoro, accreditation form completion runs well. That is why they were sure they would achieve the target. Moreover, it is an attainable dream.

Interestingly, in the near future, Postgraduate School will activate its students’ organization like Executive board. Anwar said that the accreditation form campus, students activity in a campus had its own value. On the other side, students of Postgraduate school also want to socialize in an organization. Therefore, this plan must be welcomed positively.

It was his division job to facilitate students in campus. As long as it is positive, UNAIR must support them. The technicalities will be elaborated in the near future.

“So far there is an assumption, if you are already in master and doctoral program, you don’t need organization. But it can be wrong. Therefore, we will give opportunity for the students to join organization,” said Anwar.

Postgraduate school all this time is active in holding extra activities to improve quality, such as holding a seminar, national/international conference, guest lecture and other things. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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