Ramadan, Moment to Train Child Discipline

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Dr Dewi Retno Suminar MSi in her office room.

UNAIR NEWS – Ramadan is the right moment for parents to train children’ s discipline. Regular praying schedule in fasting month can be used for it, such as sahur time. It can direct the children easier to pray subuh.

Than, iftar time can be used to asked them to pray more easily. “Those moments are supporting aspects to train discipline,” said a psychological expert, Dr Dewi Retno Suminar MSi in her office room last weekend, July 1.

Elaborated by the Vice Dean III Facuty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), exam period can also be used to introduce children to their obligations. With the exams, parents will be easier to remind them in the importance of reading, getting up early and to ask them to stop playing games.

Positive activity performed on special occasions will stick to their memories. Therefore, children will easier to remember them and applied them. “Parents have to maintain children’s discipline which has been acquired,” Dewi said.

How to maintain its consistency? Reasoning concept can be used. It means that when parents reminding them the importance of certain things they have to provide reasons on why they have to do them.

For example, why children have to pray subuh and maghrib, they are forms of how to worship God. Why they have to learn, because it is the key to success in the future. Why they have to get up early, because it will make their body fresher and ready for the day.

So, parents do not only command, but they should also provide understanding to children. Therefore, the children will know the positive effects of what they do. If the understand the benefit, automatically they will be do something with higher spirits. They will do it without being asked.

For this role, communication skill of parents is important as well as their skill to understand their children psychology. The point is, children have to get logical reasons. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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