UNAIR Management Master Program Gives Aid

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UNAIR NEWS – As a form of service to society, civitas academica of Management Master program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) gave aid to children and staff of Basic Technical Organizing Unit (UPTD) Kampung Anak negeri, on Friday, July 1.

Program coordinator of Master Management FEB UNAIR, Dr. Gancar Candra Premananto, S.E., M.Si, said that Surabaya also has social institution which give stray kids and delinquent kids shelter under the government institution.

“This social institution also demands attention and supports as others. Finally, we came here and the kids have quite achievements. Some are boxers and racers. I hope from UNAIR there will be more cooperation from other faculties,” said Gancar.

In this aid activity, BBM Hari Raya (Berbagi Berkah Menjelang Hari Raya) they received clothes, fans, parcels, some money, softdrink, also gas stove. It was given to 35 kids and the staff.

“We gave parcel to appreciate the educators. Then for the kids we gave them money with the parents, there’s also cupped tea for the Holiday, there were fans as they will need them for musala, there was gas stove as they have crisps and café to sell, there were Al-Qur’an and compressors for washers activity, their cymbal music because they like music. It was collected from students, lecturers, MM staff,” said gancar.

Antonius as advising staff UPTD said that the kids who live in orphanage, parents permission and Satpol PP patrol. They age 7-18 years old. In UPTD, kids now have more routines, like studying, reciting and learning.

“So, there are extracurricular activities. They are trained to sew, cycle, box, play music. The are many more. They are given skills and special raining, and linked to Indonesian national Sports Committee (KONI),” said Antonius.

With this aid from MM UNAIR, he was grateful the public still care about the future generations.

One of the aided kids, who is also a boxing champ of Surabaya, Bledeg Sangheta, thanked to MM UNAIR. Similar to Bledeg, Ketut Purnomo who has won national cycling competition in Magelang also thanked for aids given by civitas academica of MM UNAIR.

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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