Today’s Summary News Media Coverage on UNAIR (1/7)

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Feels Pessimistic for Late in Exam

Admitted as Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) student is an achievement, especially with the highest national score. Regine Wiranata, felt it as she got the highest score for SBMPTN 2016 on social humanity major with 842.69. Since she was in Class X, a daughter of Gwie Julia and Daniel Wiranata has dreamt to study at FH UNAIR. Her interest started when she participated in an English debate competition held in UNAIR. Regine then competed in Asian Courtlike Debate Campionship and won the first place. That competition made her studied law seriously. Finally, last May Regine applied in SBMPTN and only choose FH UNAIR. She was 10 minutes late for the test. But luckily, June 28 the committee of SBMPTN announced her name as the future student of FH UNAIR.

Jawa Pos , July 1 2016 page 39

Neyza-Cita Conjoined For As Long As They Live

Hopes of the conjoined twins parents from Kediri, Citra Fazira Ramadani and Neyza Fazira Ramadani to see them separately was only a dream. Conjoined twins team of doctors of RSUD dr Soetomo declared them inseparable for as long as they live. The CT Cardiac showed that they have one heart. The head of the team, an alumnus of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) said that eventhough they are inseparable, the doctors will not neglect them. Citra and Neyza will be observed and treated as long as they live and will prepare special shoes for Citra, the shorter one so she will not burden Neyza when she walks. The team of doctors asked them to come for check up one in 3-6 months.

Sindo, July 1 2016 page 14, Surya, July 1 2016 page 13 and 16

Misses Grandma’s Cook

Eid-ul-Fitr is always been expected by Vivi Nurfaizah. She admitted it will be an opportunity to meet her family and relatives especially from her mother’s side. Furthermore, the sixth semester student of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Surabaya also misses her grandma’s cook such as opor and ¬nasi boran. Vivi elaborated her family tradition every Eid-ul-Fitr such as visiting her grandfather’s grave after praying Eid. When she gets some money, she uses it to buy materials for her clothes designs. Not long ago, she was the favorite winner in Hijabers Surabaya Model Search in Ciputra World Surabaya.

Surya, July 1 2016 page 13 and 16

Reconstruction of Child Face, Fia’s Face No Longer Concave

Three months ago, Noer Afiah, patient with crouzon syndrome had a concave face with big protruding eyes. But now, her appearance is completely different after external distraction for three months. The p;astic surgeon, an expert of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), dr Indri Lakhsmi Putri SpBPRE (KKF) said that the doctors handling Fias’s case were quite happy with the results. Operation to reshape mid face was the first one in Indonesia. It can be a hope for those with crouzon syndrome. After this, Doctor Putri will refer her to a dentist to arrange a dental braces. The objectives was to make her lower jaw will be better.

Jawa Pos, July 1 2016 page 29 and 39

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah

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