Professor of FKG UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Hj. Tien Soesmiati Surojo. Drg, Passes Away

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Professor of FKG UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Hj. Tien Soesmiati Surojo. Drg, (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Civitas of Universitas Airlangga is in sorrow as one of its best scholars, Prof. Dr. Hj. Tien Soesmiati Surojo, Drg., passed away on Wednesday, June 29. The professor on microbiology Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) UNAIR died at age 87. Before laid to rest, her memorial service was held in Ulul Azmi Mosque Campus C also for the prayer on Thursday, June 30.

In that occasion, UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA., said that Allah SWT the Almighty never stops to remind us all on its greatness in form of death. For him, Prof. Tien’s passing was an important lesson to all who live. The rector also quoted a sermon topic, that death is the truest form of mudik, getting back to the heaven of Allah SWT.

“Because our true eternal house is the heaven of Allah SWT,” he said.

In the same proceeding, Prof . Nasih also said emphasized that jobs of people who still live are testify on the late professor’s good deeds. Prof. Tien has served UNAIR for 50 years, the best proof of service to alma mater, especially on dental health.

“We, all civitas of UNAIR, also witnessed her good deeds, which served well on dentistry,” he said.

After that, the 13th UNAIR Rector also explained that next obligation is to forgive all her mistakes during her life, also pray for her before laid to rest eternally.

“We all sure that what lives will die, and the match of life is death, none others. In sorrow, we pray for her to rest in her final place,” he said.

For the prayer, Vice Rector III UNAIR, Prof. Mochammad Amin Alamsjah, Ir., M.Si., Ph.D., acted as the imam. After the prayer, the late professor then buried at Keputih graveyard (TPU) Surabaya. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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