Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR(29/6)

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Future Student Achieves Highest Score

The result of State University Admission joint Selection (SBMPTN) was announced on Tuesday June 28. An applicant of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has achieved national highest score in social and humanity category. UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr Mohammad Nasih said that it was an applicant to Faculty of Law, Regine Wiranata, 842. Regine also included in Bidikmisi program through SBMPTN and be one of 293 students. In science and technology, there is an applicant to Faculty of Medicine (FK) who achieved higest score in UNAIR, Ilam Arianti, an alumnus of MAN Batam.

Radar, June 29, 2016 page 2, Sindo , June 29, 2016 page 20, Surya, June 29, 2016 page 13 and 14


Only 4.932 Through SBMPTN

SBMPTN has been announced, and based on the data of local committee (Panlok) 50 Surabaya, only a small number were through SBMPTN from 50,618 applicants. From UNAIR, ITS and UNESA there were 4,932 were admitted. UNAIR Rector Prof Moh Nasih said that from total 36,310 applicants with 3 choices of prirams, only 1,750 applicants were through. In UNAIR itself, the direct re-registration period is on July 19-20, 2016. From 1,750 applicants admitted SBMPTN UNAIR, 293 were in Bidikmisi program.

Jawa Pos, June 29, 2016 page 41


Children Need Snacks

Snacking is one hobby of children. Parents must be smart to choose the right snacks. A nutritionist of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), Eko Dwi Martini said that snack is just side meal beside the main meals. Therefore, nutritional snacks are best given in between of the main meals routinely. It will teach the children to eat regularly. On the other hand, parents can make them eat small portion of meals so their digestion will not work too hard. Next, the snack’s composition should meet nutritional need, carbohydrate, vitamin, fat, and fiber. The balance nutrition needed is 10-15 percent of protein, 10-20 percent of fat and the rest is carbohydrate.

Jawa Pos, June 29, 2016 page 52


Check Bone Screw Safety for Broken Bone

The treatment for broken bone case generally done by attaching screw and metal plate like platina or stainless steel. But, those two material can be left implanted in the body for too long. From that fact, five students of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has made an innovation by making bone screw of nano-hydroxiapatite (ceramic bioactive). In this research, poly (1.8 octadienol-c-citrate) or known as POC and nano-hydroxiapatite are used. Biodegradable bone screw made of POC was chosen because it is non-toxic, biocompatible, biodegradable and has mechanical character. It is also safe because it is compatible with bone tissues.

Jawa Pos, June 29, 2016 page 44

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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