Lecturers and Students Must be Optimistic on International Publications

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UNAIR NEWS – The dream of the university towards Top 500 World University must be supported by all civitas academica including the lecturers and students. To perform at international level. The students and the lecturers must be able to make scientific publications. Especially, few years ago, Dikti issued a memo on doctoral program students obligation to have scientific international publications.

Prof Dr Ahmad Syahrani Apt MS explained that either lecturers or students have to consider this as a challenge not as a burden because making international publication is not impossible.

The professor of Faculty of Pharmacy said that he was going to continue his doctoral program in Germany and France. But he could not do it for some reasons. At that time, he communicated with some colleagues, lecturers and education staff.

“I had one big question: what is the difference between studying abroad and in the country?” said the man from South Kalimantan. One of the colleagues answered that it could be related to international publications.

“From there, I was determined to make international publications. I wanted to prove that even I had to study in the country (UNAIR, ed), I could still create something,” said the man who has had 31 international publications (eight of them as author). When he finished with his doctoral program in 1997, Syahrani had produced four international publications.

Vice Rector I UNAIR term 2010-1015 said that lecturers and students must be optimistic that they can make international publications. They just need diligence and focus because to contribute at international level journals, research and original idea are needed.

They cannot just write as the selection is tight. English capability should also at excellent level. “Performing at international level academic is normal and highly possible for UNAIR academician. I have proven myself,” said the man who has been Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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