Four Postgraduate Programs Potential to Develop

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Vice Director of Postgraduate School, Prof Dr drh Anwar Ma’ruf M.Kes during interview in his room. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Postgraduate School has at least twelve programs. Generally, all have their own excellences. This article will discuss four of them first. Those four have their own uniqueness and potentials to develop.

Vice Director of Postgraduate School, Prof Dr drh Anwar Ma’ruf M.Kes said that master programs of Disaster Management, Forensics Science, Police Science Studies, and Islamic Economics are potential to develop. The society’s need of interdisciplinary programs is high.

Disaster Laboratory Indonesia

On March 18, dr Bagus Tjahjono MPH, Head of Education and Training Disaster Management Division of National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB), was a speaker in a public lecture on Disaster Management in Postgraduate School. He said that Indonesia is a big laboratory for disaster researches. Not only Indonesian but foreign researchers also learn here.

Potential disasters in Indonesia is directly proportional with the need of experts on disasters management. Knowledge on disasters should be given to schools, universities in many occasions.

“All Indonesians have to be aware of disaster management,” he said in front of dozens of students of many faculties at that time. The analogy is perhaps Surabaya is not in a disaster prone area but it does not mean that people of Surabaya will not go to Mentawai or other area with potential Tsunami.

Inter-sectoral Forensics Science

If we study, the Forensics science learn in Postgraduate School is not only related to biological or genetical case. Not only about medical. More than that, it covers many aspects.

Such as anthropology, culture even economy. Yes , even economic sector is not missed by this science. Fraud cases can be viewed from this science’s perspective. Furthermore, this forensics science also related closely to psychology, law and other sciences. Its potential is unlimited for development.

Police Force Quality Improvement

With many challenges ahead, the state authority is obliged to reach improvement. Police officers are no exceptions. They have to improve their qualities. So their service to the citizen can run optimally.

The quality improvement can be from knowledge expansion such as by continuing study. At this moment, there are so many police officers in Indonesia who have thirst on knowledge.

UNAIR as one of the big universities in eastern part of Indonesia can see it as an opportunity. Good cooperation of Universitas Airlangga and police force can produce tough and honored law enforcers.

Islamic Economy Great Development

Islamic economy growth is inevitable. Like mushrooms in rainy season, great number of banks based on Islam appear. Not only banksm institutions and other economic mechanisms based on Sharia were also existing and growing.

To maintain consistency and originality of the Islamic perspective, young intellectuals are needed. One way to produce Islamic economics intellectuals is by providing a place to study further. Therefore, it is only normal if Islamic Economics Master program considered as program with potentials. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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