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Scholarship Corner (SC) in Campus B library, on Wednesday, June 22 (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – The presence of Scholarship Corner (SC) in Campus B has its own appeal to students. LPDP scholarship publicization every Wednesday have always been waited for. Since March, no less than eleven publicizations with different topics have been presented. The event is always crowded with enthusiasts.

Some of the topics were about tips on writing an essay as one of the requirements for the administrative phase, what needs to be prepared for interview, also the overall illustration of PK (leadership program or preparation).

The enthusiasts are not only from UNAIR. Some of them were from other universities or institutions, such as from the civil servants (PNS) and lecturers, private party, general public or even police officers who want to continue study. As seen last Wednesday, June 22, the members of Muncar Precinct, Banyuwangi police force came for the event held by LPDP awardees.

“LPDP awardees give the attendees chance to do a simulation of scholarship application. It was really informative for us. Very useful indeed,” said Aditya Wiguna Sanjaya.
Similar to his tatement, Rofiqotul Izzah, Head of CCC Daycare Branch Pucang Surabaya said that the activity in SC has assisted many people, especially those who want to continue their studies.

“The event was lightly, relaxed and friendly packaged. Many awardees are welcome and ready to answer all questions regarding LPDP scholarships,” she said.
Hamzah Solim, LPDP UNAIR awardees coordinator said that they will start the sharing session again after the Lebaran Holiday, even though the concept was a little different from the usual seminars.

“We will keep holding the LPDP scholarship publicization. We are ready to open communication with anyone who needs the information,” said the man from Medan who is studying at Faculty of Science and Technology (FST). (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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