Teachers Must Absorb Ki Hajar’s Philosophy

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UNAIR NEWS – Teachers, either lecturers or teachers, must absorb Ki Hajar Dewantara’s philosophy completely. Do not only focus on one phase. As we all know, The Father of Indonesian Education was known for his three phrases,  Ing ngarsa sung tuladha, ing madya mangun karsa, and tut wuri handayani  (at the front giving good examples, in the middle providing encouragement and at the back pushing and giving support).

“If you really imitate our Father of Education, three of those should be implemented. Not only  Tut Wuri Handayani, as attached on our badges during elementary and secondary schools,” said Prof Dr Drs Ahmad Syahrani Apt MS, interviewed in synthesis laboratory Faculty of Pharmacy last weekend, June 24.

In reality, students do not only need to be pushed, but also to be given good examples, and encouraged during study. So they will not feel abandoned and feel encouraged. They will also study harder and directed.

Especially in this current era which everything is simplified. If teachers are not willing to give good examples, the students will look for other examples out of school. They can pick inappropriate role models. It will destroy education aspects of the nation which have been developed for a long time.

Beside those three phrases, Ki Hajar Dewantara also applied concept of 3 Ng, ngerti(understand), ngeroso (feel), and ngelakoni (do). Students are not only expected to understand the theories but they should also feel them through practical work. They will be able to implement the knowledge well and do right things from the understanding.

“In modern college, students are no longer need to memorize to understand. Because all information and theories can be acquired through the gadgets, so they just need to be directed to do more practical work. Therefore they will feel and do well and correctly,” said Vice Rector I UNAIR from 2010-2015. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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