ASTRA and PPKK Synergy to Train UMKM Operatives

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The small business workshop held by PT. Astra and PPKK UNAIR on Saturday, June 25.

UNAIR NEWS – To improve managerial skill of micro, small and medium businesses (UMKM) operatives, PT Astra Asuransi Surabaya branch collaborated with Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center (PPKK) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a workshop on small business management. It was held in PPKK UNAIR on Saturday June 25.

The event was attended by UMKM operatives with three speakers,  Deviani (Mobile 88 Surabaya), Dr. Tri Siwi Agustina, S.E., M.Si (PPKK UNAIR and a lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR), and Dr. Wisudanto, S.E., M.M (a lecturer of Management FEB UNAIR).

In the occasion, Deviani elaborated the importance on branding of UMKM product. According to Deviani, product branding  can be done with three ways, good communication and attitude, good and sincere service and supporting condition and situation.

Branding does not attach on the product only, but also on overall performance like the seller, space or a place,” said Deviani.

Siwi talked about the differentiation on the business and personal money. According to Siwi, the problem of UMKM to manage their finance was of their discipline and commitment to separate the business and personal money. It can be done by making different bank account for business and personal also investment finance. Financial bookkeeping should be done daily, neatly and the report made weekly.

“UMKM operatives must be discipline in keeping documents of the purchase and sale. Try your best to avoid debts. Bookkeeping and simple financial report are important especially for UMKM which will get supervision, funding or capital power from institutions,” said Siwi.

In the last session, Wisudanto talked about simple financial planning for UKM operatives. He said that financial planning was similar with going through the cycle of life. In business, condition and environment can be way different from our expectation, therefore planning on the needs is needed in the initial phase.

“It is necessary to make life more relaxed, the business directed and to avoid problems in the future,” said Wisudanto. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor    : Nuri Hermawan

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