Jember Chief of Police Initiates Ramadan Program

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Jember Chief of police AKBP Sabilul Alif distributing snacks for breaking the fasting. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Alumnus of S2 Police Science Studies UNAIR AKBP M. Sabilul Alif SH SIK MSi never stops innovating. This Ramadan, for example, Jember Chief of Police initiated some program connected directly to the society. Beside distributing free iftar and sahur, for the whole month in some locations in Jember, the former Traffic Corps chief of Surabaya also had another interesting idea.

Generally, the programs were Jember Taat (Jember in Order, Safe and in Control), Hidangan Kurma (Urge and warn before breaking the fast moment), Sajadah dan Tasbih (Look after belongings during pray and go orderly), Opor Sahur (Police operation and patrol during sahur) and Silaturahmi (Synergy to create safe and humane condition to welcome Eid al Fitr).

“We implement all the programs as a proof that hunger and thirst do not make our spirit down to provide the best service to the society. We even get more spirit,” he said in the interview on June 23.

All this time, Jember Precinct Police always try to get closer to the people. Therefore, the service programs were more practical ones. The society was invited to contribute actively, giving inputs and be the Police partners while at the same time the police tries its best to blend with the people.

When he was just named as the first officer of Jember Precinct police, Sabilul made a breakthrough with a spirit “Semanggi”, Siap Semangat Siang Malam Sampai Pagi. He initiated a program called Jember Suwar-Suwir, which means Suasana Warga Aman, Religius, Bersahabat, Berwawasan Intelektual, dan Kreatif.

The detail of the implementation was in Nawa Karyatama (9 Main Work Program). They were Prol Tape (Polisi Patroli Tiap Pagi dan Sore), Pos Khidmat (Polisi Ceramah Kamtibmas Selesai Sholat Jumat), Pos Wedang Cor (Polisi Warga dan Candon (Cangkrukan) Dan Koordinasi), and Pos Sagita (Polisi Setiap Saat Sinergi dan Kemitraan dengan Masyarakat).

There were also Pos Papuma (Polisi Peduli Pemuda, Pelajar dan Mahasiswa, Pos Jagung (Polisi Pedull Pekerja dan Pengangguran), Pos Perwira (Polisi Peduli Pariwisata dan Dunia Kreatif), Pos Purna (Polisi Peduli Perempuan dan Anak), also Jempol (Jember Police Online).

The programs’ names showed the closeness with Jember because Jember precinct police always want to promote local wisdoms. “jember Precinct Police also collaborates with the Indonesian Military, Regional Government, Community figures, and other exponents,” said the former of Bondowoso Chief of Police. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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