FKM UNAIR Educates on Dangers of Drugs to Senior High Students

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UNAIR NEWS – As of 2015, according to the data released by National Narcotics Agency (BNN), drug users has reached 5.9 million people. In 2016, the number is rising. It inspired Health Promotion and Behavioral Science Department of Faculty of Public Health Universitas Airlangga (PKIP FKM UNAIR) academician to  collaborate with National Narcotics Agency Surabaya to hold a seminar “Indonesia Darurat Narkoba Drug abuse state of emergency)” on Saturday, June 4. The seminar was an effort to support free drug abuse movement.

Held in the hall of SMKN 10 Surabaya, the event was attended by 200 senior high school students in Surabaya, and 50 college students. The theme was ‘Intelligent Young Generation toward Indonesia Free of Drug Abuse 2016.”

The representative of BNN for rehabilitation, Udin educates the students on drug abuse case, drug abuse causing factors, also rehabilitation undergone by drugs users. It was an interesting discussion because most people ignore and do not know about them. Those are things which make the young generation involved in drug abuse cases.

Beside a presentation, BNN also invited ambassadors of anti-drugs abuse 2016. They were Aristanto Pramudi, Faruq Al Azmi, Cindy Arta Purbasari and Sri Indra Kurnia. The winners, Aristanto and Cindy, also publicized what they know. The ambassador can be the example to keep making achievements and far from drug abuse.

The seminar was attended by Plato Foundation Surabaya. The foundation is filled with former drug abusers. It was established as a place to share among former drug abusers. “Don’t let this regret happens to the future generations. Drugs will only destroy their youth and it is useless,” said the representative of Plato.

There was also musical performance from the foundation entitled “Dunia dalam Berita”, Soundcloud Surabaya performance and an exhibition by students of FKM.

“We as the committee hope that the young generation especially senior high school students can manage their friendship so they won’t be tangled with drug abuse. They are still looking for their identity should not be influenced by drug abuse. Therefore, I hope this event is useful for the participants,” said Intan Arimurti, FKM 2013 student. (*)

Author: Okky Putri Rahayu
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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