Eid Train Online Ticket Reservation, Example of Public Service Improvement

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UNAIR NEWS – Technology is present to support the process of automation. If there process was manual before, it spent a long time and the quality was not controlled well. In this era, process simplification based on technology is indispensable. “Technology will maximize the process of effectiveness,” said an expert on operational management, Tuwanku Aria Auliandri SE., M.Sc., during an interview on Tuesday, June 21.

Aria gave an example on a smart move related to technology optimization, a step implemented by PT Kereta Api (KA) Indonesia in their ticketing service. Internet based ticket reservation really eases the customers, especially to face this lebaran holiday.

“Passengers can access train ticket reservation through the website or supporting partners, like some minimarkets or other web partners affiliated with PT KA, such as www.tiket.com and others. This innovation was more applicative,” said the man from Aceh who is also FEB UNAIR lecturer.

The more channels for online purchase, will prevent bottleneck effect on ticketing purchase. Customers become easier to choose purchasing options. Railway station is no longer the one place to buy tickets. So, crowded ticket counter will not be seen anymore.

With the online system, PT KA’s financial management is also well-observed as all transactions are verified by bank transfer. Excellent combination between PT. KA website with purchasing channel via bank transfer, and third party partners on purchasing, make the business process ran well in harmony. In the end, the public feels comfortable in doing transactions.

Learning form PT. KA, all state owned companies (BUMN), related closely to the people should learn from that technology optimization, for example for Damri which focuses on bus service and Pelni on sea travels. “The point is, maximizing  information technology is the key to modern era challenges which demand swiftness,” he said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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