Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (16/6)

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UNAIR Holds Contest to Prevent Impersonators

UNAIR independent admission is opened fron June 13 to Juli 14 2016. This selection process will invite many senior high school graduates to continue study in a state university (PTN). The independent admission is the last channel to be admitted as UNAIR students after SBMPTN and SNMPTN. It is only normal if many people did whatever it takes to be admitted in UNAIR even illegal means. The issue of scalpers around the admission process was responded by UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh Nasih. In this matter, UNAIR Rector has made a prize contest to prevent impersonators. UNAIR will give some prize to anyone who can inform and found the scalpers in UNAIR admission process. The amount of prize depends on the catch, adjusted to the money given to the scalpers. If there is a scalper reported to UNAIR management, they will be processed accordingly by law.

Sindo, June 16 2016 page 13, Surya, June 16 2016 page 18, Jawa Pos, June 16 2016 page 28, Radar, June 16 2016 page 1

Innovation of Surgical Suture Made of Orange Skin by Unair Students

Four students of UNAIR, Karina Dwi Saraswati, Inas Fatimah, Rahma Ajeng, and Evelyn Anggraini have succeeded in coming up with surgical suture made of orange skin. In the making of the surgical suture, orange skin reactive substance (Citrus paradisi) is added to prevent Staphilococcus aureus bacteria growth in the wound. In the trial, four students of UNAIR utilized baby orange skin. Fadila and her three friends called their innovation Paduan PLGA-Kolagen dengan Aksi Anti Bakteri Citrus Paradisi sebagai Benang Jahit Bedah Absorbable (PLGA-Collagen Guide with Citrus Paradisi Anti-Bacterial as Absorbable Surgical Suture).

Jawa Pos, June 16 2016 page 28

Excessive Menorraghia

Menorraghia is the excessive or heavy menstrual bleeding. Normally, menstrual bleeding is 25-80 ml a day. The menstrual period is two to eight days from menstrual cycle 21-35 days. According to an obstetric gynecologist  from RSUD dr Soeomo dr Hari Nugroho SpOG who is also an alumnus of FK UNAIR, menstruation should be exact. If it is less or more than that, a check-up should be performed. It can be started by observing the vaginal and cervical condition, then followed with USG to observe the inner organs. There are some condition which cause menorraghia such as endocrine hormone abnormality, anovulation, ovarian polychystic syndrome, or IUD side effects.

Jawa Pos, June 16 2016 page 36

Author : Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor  : Nuri Hermawan

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